October 29

How did I do during first term?

During first term I think that there were some places where I could have done better and some places where I did great. I definitely could have done better with punctuation and figurative language. I did pretty good with reading and writing, I love to read and write and have been doing it for years so it comes easier to me I guess. During second term I would like to get to know the subjects better. I’ll admit i’m not the best at paying attention is class, so sometimes I don’t even know what’s going on. I’m also hoping to keep my grade at an A the whole term.

October 24

The power of words

Authors use many different words to get us to feel many different emotions towards characters. Authors use tone and emotion to get us to understand how the character is speaking and how the character is feeling. If the character is feeling sad the author would use bitter words. “His face contorted with pain from the selfish words that came from Taylor’s loud mouth” Or happy words to show how happy or excited they are. “Adi jumped for joy as she excitedly waited for her new puppy to show up” Authors want us to feel what the characters are feeling, so they use happy, sad, mean, crazy, rude, or disdainful words. Words can mean so many different things to so many different people, they way we write can explain how someone is feeling.

October 15

The best book I ever read

The best book I ever read was The Fifth Wave. I personally love this book because of the suspense, the action, and the romance. At first you fall in love with the main character. You feel like you are there with her the whole time. Then she falls in love. Then you fall in love with the main characters love. And it’s just great, but the suspense is even better. The suspense is so intense that you don’t know what to do with it. You want to put the book down, but at the same time you don’t want to put the book down. And the action is something else. But just so ya’ll know the cliff hanger at the end is intense.

October 9

What Kind Of a Writer Am I?

I think that I’m a creative, and fun, and suspenseful writer. I love to read suspenseful books, so it makes me want to keep others in suspense with the stuff I write. I also think that I’m a creative writer, because I try to think up of  different and more creative ways to write what I write. I wan’t my words to be my own and not someone else’s. I also think that I’m a fun writer because I want people to laugh when they read my blog posts, I want people to enjoy what I write, so that they will want to read more. I think that what I’ve learned about myself throughout our blog posts mostly is that I change the way I write. I with in third person, second person, and first person. I usually don’t stay the same throughout different posts. I usually have a hard time with ending my posts, I usually can’t find the right words to finish it up. I think that I could work on my word choice. I usually use words more than a couple times in my posts.

October 1

How I felt about the first story

The short story I read was “The Sniper” personally I loved this short story because of the cliff hanger at the end. I like this book because it explains how the main character gets out of a very dangerous situation in the middle of a war. I also like the way that he escaped, putting his hat on top of his rifle and then pushing it up to the edge of the building and making in look like he got shot. The one thing I didn’t like about this story was the fact that the person the main character shot to escape was his brother. Why was his brother working for the other side? How did he not see it was his brother when he stood up on the roof?