October 9

What Kind Of a Writer Am I?

I think that I’m a creative, and fun, and suspenseful writer. I love to read suspenseful books, so it makes me want to keep others in suspense with the stuff I write. I also think that I’m a creative writer, because I try to think up of  different and more creative ways to write what I write. I wan’t my words to be my own and not someone else’s. I also think that I’m a fun writer because I want people to laugh when they read my blog posts, I want people to enjoy what I write, so that they will want to read more. I think that what I’ve learned about myself throughout our blog posts mostly is that I change the way I write. I with in third person, second person, and first person. I usually don’t stay the same throughout different posts. I usually have a hard time with ending my posts, I usually can’t find the right words to finish it up. I think that I could work on my word choice. I usually use words more than a couple times in my posts.

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7 thoughts on “What Kind Of a Writer Am I?

  1. Nathan

    I am mostly adding a comment because of that amazing picture, but I think that I am also a creative writer. I like to write interesting stories.


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