November 30

Literature review…

The story that I read is about a girl names Dakota. One night well she’s doing her homework two men come in and kidnap her. She doesn’t know why, but she does know that it can’t mean anything good. Later while Dakota is getting questioned she learns that the man behind the plans name is Hunter Colson. She also learns that she has a burning hate towards Hunter, and is going to kill him. I think that the description for this book was done really well, but something that could have been better is more showing what is going on around her, and why she got kidnapped. I think that this book would be perfect for people who love suspense, action, and lots of surprises. 

November 26

1% gain

I think that something that I can improve on is getting my homework done the day I get it, and not the night before it’s due. I’m horrible at doing my homework the day I get it. I tried to do that at the begging of the year and it was working out until fall break. Once we had time off of school, I stopped doing my homework. When we had the Latin America countries test, I hadn’t studied until the night before. Even though I didn’t fail the test, I still should have studied way before the test. Goodbye!

November 15

Tell me about it…

This week I have had basketball practice every day from 3-5. It’s super fun but can drain the life out of you sometimes. I also have had softball practice and volleyball games going on this week, so it’s been super crazy and tiring. Yesterday during basketball practice me and a couple of other girls were messing around and trying to make half court shots. I grabbed a ball and went to the half court line, and tried shooting it just for fun. I said “what if I threw it like this…” and threw it in the weirdest way possible and ended up making it. It was the best basketball practice that I’ve ever had in my whole entire life



November 13

What I’m reading

The book that i’m currently reading is called “Orbiting Jupiter” I choose this book because my dad was reading it and I said that it looked interesting so he gave it to me to read. I love the book because of story line, it’s just so amazing and inspiring. What I don’t like about the book is how short it is. 200 pages is to short for me. “Orbiting Jupiter” is about a boy named Jack. Jack has a pretty normal life. He lives on a farm, goes to school every week, and has a great family. Jack finds out that he is getting a foster brother. His foster brothers name is Joseph. Jack only knows a couple things about Joseph. Joseph is 13, he hates canned peaches, he’s been to a place called Stone Mountain detention center, he won’t let anyone stand behind him, and Joseph has a daughter named Jupiter. Jack badly wants to help Joseph find Jupiter but he knows that It’s basically impossible. I think that really anyone would want to read this book. I’ts so inspiring and amazing, so amazing that you just don’t want to put it down. I would give this book a 10/10. 

November 9

Who am I as a reader?

I think that I am the type of reader who would scream and yell and throw the book across the room when something that I don’t like happens. When I read I get really, really, really into the book. A lot of the books I read, something bad always happens to my favorite character, either the main one or a side character. I definitely get really mad when someone in a book dies, or someones best friend in the book dies. I have thrown a book across a room before, which is not normal because I love books so much, but my favorite character had died. I think that I am an angry reader most of the time.