November 26

1% gain

I think that something that I can improve on is getting my homework done the day I get it, and not the night before it’s due. I’m horrible at doing my homework the day I get it. I tried to do that at the begging of the year and it was working out until fall break. Once we had time off of school, I stopped doing my homework. When we had the Latin America countries test, I hadn’t studied until the night before. Even though I didn’t fail the test, I still should have studied way before the test. Goodbye!

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2 thoughts on “1% gain

  1. Elisabeth

    Amen to that sister! I really need to do that. Especially with my math homework. In math we get two homework assignments and we get two class times instead of one to get it done. If you get the assignment done early, then you get a stamp, and my goal is to just get a stamp every time.


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