January 31


I think that it is always worth trying no matter what. Even if we know that we are going to loose we should always fight until the very end. If we don’t people may never think that we really can do it. We need to go into the fight trying to convince others into our cause. We need to make others believe as much as we do. Not only do we need to get the to believe we need to show them that we will never give up, no matter what. I think that it’s good what Atticus is doing. Even though his family is getting ridiculed and mocked they are learning what courage is. They will learn how to fight until the end and how to not loose their temper.

January 18

Climbing into another person’s skin

Atticus is saying that we need to see other peoples lives through their perspectives. We need to not judge a book by it’s cover. If we find someone to be really mean we need to take a walk in their shoes. They could be having family problems or the might be getting abused by their parents and they don’t have any other way to take their anger out except for at school. When we realize what is going on in their life we can get to know them better than we ever have before. I try to understand what’s going on in other people’s lives, it actually is amazingly helpful to know why they are acting that way. I’m not the best at doing it to everyone but when I do I know how to interact with that person, and how to help others with how they are acting.

January 10

Beliefs and Actions

It’s important to know what we believe because we need something to live by. If we don’t know what we believe we don’t have our own rules in life to live by. When we face difficult decisions we base our decisions on our life rules. For example some people may have a rule to never accept money for anything, they may want to make all their money by themselves. This could be a hard life rule because you could get a scholarship to college and not want to accept (even though every one probably would) because you want to earn your own way up to college. Our beliefs shape our actions because we don’t want to act a certain way that we think is wrong, even though others might believe it’s right. Our beliefs are formed on how we live our lives. They could also be formed on how our parents lived their lives and then raised us up to be the same way with some of the same beliefs.