March 5

How I feel about To Kill a Mockingbird

Honestly I thought that the book was good but it was also boring. Some parts in the book were just so boring and it felt like it was never going to end. The message of the story was good, if something isn’t harming us and all it is doing is making life better, then we have no reason to harm it. When we first started to read the book my though process was, this is the worst book I have ever read, everyone old person says it’s such a good book but really it’s horrible. After we started to really get into it, I realized that the reason this book was written was yes for something to read, but also to show people the true meaning of equality. I think that everyone should read the book, so they can also understand that books are meant for more than just to have fun reading them. They are here to teach us a lesson and to help us understand the world better.