May 23

I’m a big kid now

I’ve grown with my grades. In 7th and 8th grade I, no joke, didn’t care enough to even try and get a’s. As far as I was concerned C’s got degrees. I think that because of the 50 book challenge I was more motivated to read, so I did! I want to try and get straight A’s in high school so I can get a scholarship and won’t have to worry about paying for college. I’m different know that I was in August because 1) i’m now 15 and can drive! 2) I can now better understand different parts of English 3) I’ve learned that turning in assignments on time makes it so your teachers actually like you. 

May 21

Secret Secrets Are No Fun; Secret Secrets Hurt Someone

I think that people keep secrets because they’re to afraid or embarrassed to tell someone what’s really going on. Most people are reluctant to talk about their secrets because it’s something pretty personal and may hurt themselves or others if it’s told. People need to tell other people what’s really going on because it could lead to something tragic. Because of the secret that both Romeo and Juliet have they’ve turned only to each other. Their friends are falling away because they’re lying about what’s really going on. Now both of them are talking about dying if they can’t be together. I think that when people keep secrets it makes it so that people don’t really trust them as much as they did. It can also lead to people leaving you completely.

May 17

How will I do during 4th term

I think that i will do pretty good all things considered. I want to get all A’s and make sure that all my homework is turned in. I also want to have all my teachers love me because, well, ya. I also want to have a great 4th term because it’s my last year hear at the junior high and I don’t want to go to high school. I also want to read lots of books I guess. I’ll also make sure that Bella’s obsession with Tom Holland doesn’t go overboard but I might be too late. We’ll find out.

May 15

Love Moderately

I think that Friar Lawerence is trying to give them a warning. He’s kind of saying that love can be a dangerous thing and that they both know the consequences that could come. They may “love” each other so much that they would die if they weren’t with each other they might die. But if they feel like it’s meant to be then they should get together. Friar Lawerence is also very wise and is also basically saying that this marriage, well, it’s not going to really work out no matter what. The families are going to hate it so much. It’s like Hans and Ana.

May 9


I think that people can hate so deeply because they are either jealous of them or the person has done some unknown thing to the other person. One two people I extremely dislike are the girls who gave me a concussion. During one of our away games, one girl tripped me while the other one tried to steal the ball. My hate for them is irrational because neither of these girls knew what they had done. And honestly it probably wasn’t on purpose but it felt that way. I know that I need to put this irrational hate behind me because they didn’t even know what they had done. I think that people (including myself) just need to forgive these people, or at least try to talk it out.