Call to Adventure

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Everyday I wake up in the morning and I go to school. I practice piano everyday and play tennis sometimes. I have six people in my family, two sisters, a brother and my parents. Usually after school I either do things with my family or hang out with some friends. I have homework in some classes and after I do that I have some free time.

I love to play tennis. Its so fun to have a sport I really look forward to. I’m not good at it but I have people in my life who teach me how to play and teach me what to do. My parents have played for a while and my grandma plays to so they teach me how to play. I am on a team every summer and it’s super fun. I was on a team last year with my friend during the summer and I loved it. It’s so fun to play a sport that I can be taught by my family and that I can teach later on.

Some tennis teams take try outs so that might hold me back from playing. Some tennis teams you might have a bad couch so that could hold you back from wanting to play. You might not be able to be on the tennis team because of where it is and how much money it costs to be on the team so that could hold you back from playing on that certain team.

My parents are helping me with this adventure. They are teaching me how to play and what to do. They are so supportive about this adventure and I’m happy they are here to support me with this. My grandma is also a big part of this adventure because she has taught me so much about everything.

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My personal Quest

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An experience I had when someone pushed me to do something I didn’t want to do was in PE last year when I didn’t want to run anymore but my friends motivated me to keep running and I got a good time on my mile. I’m happy I listened to them because I wouldn’t have got a good time on my mile if I didn’t. My friends are really supportive and motivating when I don’t want to do something.

Another experience I had when I helped someone through something was when I went to go get soup for someone in my ward. She lost her memory for a day and forgot her family. She got it back and we got her dinner to help her feel better. She is ok now but it was scary to think she was forgetting everyone she knew. I’m happy we had the chance to help her with something and make her feel better. Lots of people have helped me in my life and i’m really thankful for them.

After Christmas review

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During Christmas break I had lots of fun with my family and friends. I watched the Greatest Showman 3 times. I went to bear lake and while we were there we went swimming in a pool. We also went sledding down a huge hill and made jumps to go off. I love to ski but we didn’t have very much snow this year so we didn’t go yet. We played lots of games and watched lots of movies. For christmas I got a new Iphone 6s. It works really well and it’s a great upgrade from my other phone.

The book I chose for my book report is the Fault in our Stars.

I chose this book because one of my friend’s read it and she said it was a really good book so I decided to read it. I asked my friend what book I should read and she said this one. The author of my book is John Green

My reading level for this book is 6-12 grade

One of my New year goals is to start eating healthier and working out more. I think it would be fun to get in shape and be healthier this year.

Write about the end of the term

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This term, when I read Anne of Green Gables it took me about a month to finish my book which was 309 pages. I didn’t feel rushed at all till the end when I knew I needed to finish it so I could do my report in time for extra credit. I thought it was a good time limit though and thought that if maybe I did it again I could finish it faster. I could have probably had a better schedule for reading my book and knowing when to read, maybe a time limit and a certain time to read it and everything like that. I’m going to try to read as much as I can next book report so I can finish faster, not have enough time, and do my best. It was a comfortable time limit and a good time to finish my book, especially if I did it more on time and had a calendar for it.

I thought that it was pretty easy to write blog posts, especially if you read on google classroom the instructions about what and how you are supposed to write them. We did a lot of blog posts but I feel like when we wrote them they helped us understand the concept a little better like what is setting, plot, symbol, theme and ect. I thought that it was a little hard sometimes to write it in the day it had to be due but if you stayed on task we definitely had enough time to finish if we worked hard and did what we were told to do.

I liked the project I picked because I like to draw and be creative with things like that and the movie poster gave me freedom to do what I love. I really like art and colors and I also thought it would be cool for my book and would be really fun. I really liked my book report and really thought that it was fun. I don’t think I would change very much about it because I already liked it. Maybe I would change a little bit of my picture and added things but other than that I really thought that it was good and that my book was good.

Symbols and Themes

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In my book, my main character is named Anne. One of the important items in the story is Anne’s clothes. Anne’s clothes symbolize her life and what kind of things have happened, they show that she is not very wealthy and does not have very many changes of clothes. I think her clothes are one of the most important symbols in the book because it shows you how she lived and how she was treated and things that happened to her when she was an orphan.

On my book cover, It shows Anne sitting in a dark room with a suitcase, hat, her dirty clothes and a blank face. She almost looks completely alone and afraid which was how her life was until Matthew and Marilla decided to adopt her. It looks like she is scared  and doesn’t know what to do. I think that they were marketing the book to women about 20-30 or girls about 10-12 years in age. I don’t think I would change the cover of the book because it definitely shows what you need to get out of the book. Anne is an orphan and in the picture for the cover it gives you that hint.

I would have to say the theme of my book is a girl who is and orphan and she gets adopted by a nice family who had the heart to keep her even when she is not what they were looking for. The book is basically about a couple, Matthew and Marilla, who live in Green Gables and want to adopt a boy but when Matthew get to the train station the only person left there was a girl. Matthew tries to figure the situation out but Anne finds out that they never wanted her in the first place so she doesn’t want to stay but when they tell her about how they decided that she could stay and they wanted to keep her she was so excited. The story is about how she gets adopted and how she goes on adventures and with her new friends and with her new story. She learns so many things and meets so many people, Green Gables would never be the same without her.

Parent Teacher

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Dear Mom and Dad, During the twenty minutes of in-class silent reading time, I read Anne of Green Gables. Out of those silent twenty minutes, I read the whole entire time. In class I usually read about ten pages. To finish my book in time I need to read fifteen pages a day. I think I can finish it in time for my book report and be able to have it turned in on time. If I read in class and take it home every single night I can definitely finish it in time. It will be a little bit of a challenge to remember to read every night but I think I can do it.

During english in B4 I am often helpful to my friends and the people sitting next to me. I am on task the whole time during class and understand that the teacher needs to teach me important things. I am willing to take risks for my education and learning. I don’t get distracted and I am always doing my assignments. I do my work and try to turn it in on time all the time. I will try to have all A’s all the time but when I don’t I try to get them in most classes and am trying to get my other grades up as fast as I can. I am constantly making friends and having fun with new people but when it is time to work I do.

I do the best I can to get good grades and to have my teachers grade my work fast. I have most blues and if I don’t it is a green. I will try to get those to blues and when I have a red I will get it up as quick as I can. I will talk to my teachers when I’m behind on something and finish the assignments as quick as I can. Hopefully I will be able to hurry and finish everything on time so I don’t have a problem with trying to catch up. I try super hard to stay on task with whatever task and/or and assignment I was given to finish. I’m doing as good as I can be doing right now and will keep trying to do everything I can to keep up and not fail in any of my classes on A and B days.


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In my book I’m reading for this book report Anne is a little girl who wants to learn new things each day and who wants to be nice and a good girl. She learns how to be nice, kind, loving, friendly, smart, she learns how to say her prayers, read, cook, make friends, and have a happy attitude. She is super sweet and she cares what you have to say. The first conflict is that when people travel important news by people the news doesn’t come out the same way you would have said. Matthew and Marilla traveled the news that they wanted a little orphan boy through people and the news came out wrong and they thought that they wanted a girl.

The second beginning conflict is Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert want a little boy to help them do jobs and to help in the yard and be a hard worker. When Matthew gets to the train station he finds a little girl waiting for him. He didn’t know she was waiting for him because they were expecting a boy. He talks to some people and they straighten out that the lady at the orphanage dropped her off for them. The conflict here is that Matthew doesn’t want to tell her he doesn’t want her so he doesn’t and has to take her home. When Marilla sees her she is surprised and doesn’t know what to do. They decided they would keep her for a day and then take her back.

The next conflict is Anne hears that they did not want her and she doesn’t want them to be unhappy with what they got. Matthew and Marilla decide that they will give her a couple days to prove that they will want to keep her and that she can be a good girl for them. She has to learn how to work hard and be a good and nice girl to them and everyone around her. In the orphanage Anne wasn’t taught these things and so she has to learn how to do them and how to obey. When things happen to Anne she doesn’t know how to act about them and how to handle them so she handles them the only way she knows how to. Throughout the book Anne needs to know how to act and how to behave she learns kindness and charity and how to handle things that have never happened to her before. The basic story line is Anne learns how to go through things with new family, friends, a home and with a new life.


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In my book the main characters name is Anne. She gets adopted into a family, Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert. The Cuthberts say they will take care of Anne now and Anne was so happy. Marilla is very strict and she knows what she wants. Matthew is more soft and nice to Anne. Matthew understands that Anne is new to all of this and doesn’t know right from wrong because she has not been told the right things to do. Marilla understands when it’s something that needs to be understood.

Anne is a nice and loving girl who loves the outdoors. Anne is super nice to everyone. If someone hurts her feelings she doesn’t understand why and doesn’t know how to handle it so if you hurt hers she will tell you those things too. Marilla and Matthew are people who are like Anne’s sidekicks and they follow her in the story. Anne is the main character and she is the most important person in the story. She is a girl and Marilla and Matthew adopted her so they are kind of like her parents in the story.

In the book Anne is looking for someone to take care of her. Matthew and Marilla decide to adopt a little boy to help Matthew on the farm. When Matthew goes to go get their little boy from the train station he finds a little girl sitting there on the side of the station waiting for Matthew and Marilla to come pick her up. Matthew thought they signed to get a boy. When they decided they wanted a boy they told other people to tell the lady what they wanted and they didn’t tell her themselves. That was a mistake that they made and they didn’t want to tell Anne they didn’t want her so he took her home. They decided to keep her since she was nice and somewhat helpful. In the book Anne does not have a nemesis that doesn’t like her. The book is basically about Anne finding her way in life and figuring out what she wants to do at Green Gables and how she going to do it.


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In the book Anne of Green Gables the setting is in Green Gables. They have a lot of pretty plants, lakes, rivers and streams around them and by where they live. This place sounds really pretty. In the book she talks about where she wants to live and she explains something similar to green gables and when she figures out she can live there she gets so happy she cry’s tears of joy. The place Green Gables sounds so pretty. She is in love with the setting of where her house is and where she gets to finally live. Before she figured out she could live there she wouldn’t go outside because she knew that if she went outside she would get sad because she couldn’t stay there and be there everyday and get to smell the fresh air and see the pretty things around her. She is so happy now and will go outside because she knows its her home and she gets to live there.

Declare Your Book

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 My book is called Anne of Green Gables and for a long time I’ve heard it was a good book so I decided to read it for this book report. This book sounds really good because of what the story is about. This book was given to me by my grandmother that has had it since she was little.

This book was written by L.M. Montgomery. She was born in 1874 and lived on Prince Edward island, Canada, who lived with her grandmother in an old farmhouse. She loved to write poems and stories and when she was 12 she won a short story contest. When she was a teen she started teaching school. She got married in 1911 to Ewan MacDonald. This book was her first novel and was published in 1908 and she wrote 5 more after this one. This song is for all ages around the world. I found this in the back of the book in the About the Author.

This book was published in 1908 but I have the 1935 copy. This book has been written for about 100 years so it’s and old book. The one written in 1908 was probably a little different then this copy.

The books that were often bought with this one are book 2 and book 3 of this series. The book I’m reading is the first one. Some books that are similar are The Wind in the Willows, Shane and Little Women. This book genre is Literature and Fiction. I like the story it gives you when you read it.

This book is meant for 7 and up but is a harder book to understand. It is meant for older kids that know what orphans are and what they are like. It is about when a girl comes to Green Gables when they wanted to adopt a boy and she didn’t seem like the type of kid they wanted but after a little bit they couldn’t imagine Green Gables without her.

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