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Everyday I wake up in the morning and I go to school. I practice piano everyday and play tennis sometimes. I have six people in my family, two sisters, a brother and my parents. Usually after school I either do things with my family or hang out with some friends. I have homework in some classes and after I do that I have some free time.

I love to play tennis. Its so fun to have a sport I really look forward to. I’m not good at it but I have people in my life who teach me how to play and teach me what to do. My parents have played for a while and my grandma plays to so they teach me how to play. I am on a team every summer and it’s super fun. I was on a team last year with my friend during the summer and I loved it. It’s so fun to play a sport that I can be taught by my family and that I can teach later on.

Some tennis teams take try outs so that might hold me back from playing. Some tennis teams you might have a bad couch so that could hold you back from wanting to play. You might not be able to be on the tennis team because of where it is and how much money it costs to be on the team so that could hold you back from playing on that certain team.

My parents are helping me with this adventure. They are teaching me how to play and what to do. They are so supportive about this adventure and I’m happy they are here to support me with this. My grandma is also a big part of this adventure because she has taught me so much about everything.

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