Post #1 introduction

I, Kevin Tran, do not love to read but when I find a good book like michael vey i can’t put it down. I guess my favorte types of books are like fantasy stuff. I remember my first english book that i read was clifford the big red dog. I remember i read a lot of diary of the wimpy kids book and stuff like that.

Post #3 News Article

We all know Korea and how it is separated into two country South Korea and North Korea due to World War II and the Cold War and it has been like that ever since until now. The isolated country North Korea ruled by Kim Jong-Un has been in the media a lot with nuclear threats, and the harsh treatment to their people, and having a war with South Korea. Now Things might start to change because North and South Korea might be doing a peace treaty with each other and North Korea is starting to release U.S solders etc. South Korea still wants U.S troops to stay there even if the peace treaty goes through for protection. With this happening it might lead to world peace in the future who knows.

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Post #4 Short Story/Legend & poem

For some reason, Koreans have a lot of stories about haunted schools and especially haunted school bathrooms. Older Korean schools are definitely eerie. Long hallways with dark stairwells, oftentimes lit half-heartedly with sterile fluorescent lights… Then we come to the bathroom. They are most likely decrepit, old, and dark. One of the stalls, towards the back, is where a girl killed herself and now haunts it. Girls whisper that the toilet flushes by itself and that the door shuts itself with no wind around. Someone says that if you’re alone in the bathroom, you can hear her crying. Someone says that she watches them from the mirror.

Another legend talks of a ghost that emerges from the toilet and asks you if you will use red or blue toilet paper. If you choose red, the ghost will cut you open. If you choose blue, the ghost will suffocate you.

In this urban legend it talks about how if you go to a schools bathroom you could encounter a ghost that will haunt you. they don’t really use big words to describe the story well but they do tell you that a ghost will ask you if you want a red paper or a blue paper and that is pretty messed up because it will kill you either way. The sentences give a pretty good detail with decently long sentences. I would say the theme of this story is to not go to an old Korean school’s bathroom unless you want to die. This all started because a girl killed herself and now she haunts it

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Post #2 Background Information

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In South Korea there is about 51.25 million people living there. The Capital is Seoul which has 10,349,312 people living in it. Another popular city in South Korea is Busan. Busan is the second most populated city with 3,678,555 people living there. It is a large port city known for its beaches, mountains, and temples. The people of Korea speak Korean which in my opinion is one of the best sounding Asian language. During my research on South Korea I found out that only 2% of them are in absolute poverty and 14-15% of those people are elderly. For agriculture a sector of their economy is based on farming. The most important crop is for their farming is rice.  Korea is a country where all the world’s major religions, Christianity, Buddhism, Confucianism and Islam, peacefully coexist with shamanism. Today we know that Korea is split into 2 country, but it was once united but until after World War 2 the country got split into what we know today.

Post #1- Introduction

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For my country I selected South Korea. I picked this country because I have an interest in it and I want to know more about it. I expect to learn the country’s origin and their culture. All I know from this country is that it is split into 2 North Korea and South Korea, and that South Korean culture has a huge impact on the world at the moment.