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Recently upon, reading about Iran, I discovered a human interest article that piqued my interest. Basically in this article, it explains the difficulty that women have in this country, and furthermore the restrictions that they are faced with. More specifically, this article talks about how women are dressing up as men to get into sporting events, as they are unable to when looking like a woman. One problem that this article addressed is the unfair treatment of women in the country of Iran. Details that support this idea is the talk of punishment from authorities(when attending sporting events), even though it is not deemed illegal by the law to attend these events. It also talks about the threat of imprisonment and other forms of possible serious punishment from the government. Even more, is the contrast they have in support, and opposition. As evidenced by the article, these women, in reality, receive a lot of support, getting asked to be in selfies while attending the games. Yet, evidence in a further article on this topic, shows that a woman participating was caught and eventually jailed, showing how contrasting and polarizing this topic is. Reading this, even though the subject of sports games may indeed be trivial, led me to realize the vast social prejudice against women in Iran and other countries. This appears to be a major problem for Iran, in an ocean of other problems continually surfacing. Although there are many things that can be fixed in this country, the prejudice against women is a major one that seems, to portray a long road to equality.

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