Blogpost #2-Who is Steelheart?

It was 1910 in the run down city of Chicago. A little boy was born. They called him Steelheart. A couple years passed a Steelheart turned 5. He was an only child living with his mother and father in a run down house in the poor part of Chicago. Steelhearts mother loved him more than anything, she had a super sweet and bright personality to everybody she met. His father on the other hand was very strict and abusive and was always very angry at Steelheart. Steelheart had a very rough childhood when his father was around, but when he left for work in other states him and his mother were relieved and happy.

More years passed and Steelheart turned 8. One weekend while his father was away Steelheart and his mom decided to go on a walk to the city. Steelheart and his mom were walking along the sidewalk on a nice sunny day in June when the sky became dark and the grey clouds rushed over with booming thunder. Steelheart looked up at his mom and asked “mom what’s happening”  his mom looked down at her with fear in her eyes and replied “nothing honey don’t worry” but she didn’t seem so sure. The wind started blowing so hard and Steelhearts mom looked panic and said they needed to find safety as fast as they could, she yelled over the wind “something very bad is going to happen, but I need you to be brave Steelheart.”

HIs mom grabbed Steelhearts hand and they ran to hide in between two brick walls hoping for safety and that the storm will pass soon. All the sudden it felt like the whole world was shaking and they heard buildings falling and people screaming in terror running everywhere, and out came everybody’s biggest fear.. Deathpoint. The very first epic to ever live. He killed everybody is his way and felt no remorse for anyone or anything. Deathpoint spotted Steelheart between the walls and smiled at his next target. Deathpoint’s biggest power is that anything he points his finger at will turn to ash and that’s exactly what he did. He raised his finger up and his mother screamed “RUN Steelheart and don’t look back!!!” Steelheart turned and ran as fast as he could to an abandoned building and waited for his mother but she never came. The storm passed over and Steelheart went to look for his mother but found nothing but a pile of ash where Steelheart had left her. Steelheart cried out in pain, “oh mom I’m so sorry” as tears ran down his face.

Flash forward to today. Steelheart is now 17 years old but still remembers his mothers death everyday. Steelheart spent the rest of his childhood and teenage years without his mother. It was just him and his abusive father who was even more mean now that his mother wasn’t around to stop him. Steelheart grew up to be a very badly behaved kid. He was constantly causing problems and beating up other kids. He would break other people stuff and damage everything around him. He learned that from his father. One day Steelhearts father died of a heart attack. Steelheart was left with the house because he just turned 18 and was now a legal adult. Now that it was just Steelheart in the house he pulled out all his journals he kept locked up in his bedroom so his dad couldn’t find them, he began plotting his plan and looking through his journals at all his information he gathered up over the last 10 years, and Steelheart was finally ready to get his payback for killing his mother, and kill Deathpoint…

Me as a Reader

I first learned to read when I was little, about preschool age. When I was little I liked kid books and small chapter books, now I like mostly fiction and really anything that looks interesting. I like to read anywhere comfy, like my bed or the couch. Today I read anything that looks good to me and a lot of fiction. I usually only read one book at once so I can remember everything about it and I don’t mix it up with other books.

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