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Blog post #2- Background Info

Pakistan’s population is 197 million people. Karachi is the most popular city in Pakistan. The capital city is Islamabad with 1.015 million people living there.  Lahore is the second most popular city after Karachi. It’s one of Pakistan’s most wealthiest… Continue Reading →

Introduction #1

For my country i chose Pakistan. I picked this country because I don’t know anything about it and I’m really interested to learn about their culture. I’m hoping to learn more about the things they do there and some of… Continue Reading →

Eleanor and Park Final Project

Book Show and Tell

For my book i chose Eleanor and Park. It’s about a new girl named Eleanor who moves to Omaha and meets a boy named Park on the bus on her first day of school. They start connecting and end up… Continue Reading →

Blog post #4- Eleanor and Park Connector

The School bus represents where Park and Eleanor met. The headphones represent when Park showed Eleanor his music. Kevin represents Park because he’s Asian. The comic books represent when Park gave Eleanor his comic books to take home and read.

Blog Post #3- My Book Series

I’m going to do the Hunger Game Series. I read the first book in English last year and i loved it. I’m super excited to read the other books in the series, and i think i’m going to really enjoy… Continue Reading →

Steelheart Project

Book show and tell

For my book show and tell i chose to read “The Running Dream.” It was about a girl named Jessica who loves track. She gets in a bus accident on the way to a track meet, she loses her leg… Continue Reading →

Blogpost #2-Who is Steelheart?

It was 1910 in the run down city of Chicago. A little boy was born. They called him Steelheart. A couple years passed a Steelheart turned 5. He was an only child living with his mother and father in a… Continue Reading →

Me as a Reader

I first learned to read when I was little, about preschool age. When I was little I liked kid books and small chapter books, now I like mostly fiction and really anything that looks interesting. I like to read anywhere… Continue Reading →

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