The Myth I chose is about a young trader named Mahiwal, who meets a girl called Sohni at a pottery shop who happens to be the owners daughter and instantly falls in love with her. Even though she’s married she ends up falling in love with Mahiwal too, but her father disapproves, and sends her away, so the Mahiwal buys a hut across the river from her house. One day when Sohni’s husband was away she swam on a baked pot to meet him across the river and she continued to meet him regularly. Her sister in law replaced the baked pot with an unbaked one and it sunk as Sohni was swimming across, she cried out to the trader and he swam to meet her and they both drowned because the currents were too strong.

This Myth teaches that love can be the strongest thing, but it never hides, and it can end up being the death of you if you make the wrong choice.

Pakistan is a mystical land and this Myth tells the story of Sohni and Mahiwal, their bodies lay in the Chenab river today, where they died because of their love for each other.