Blog #2 Background

the populations for Viatnam is 92 million. Most of the population is in ho Chi Minh city or in Honoi. The capital is Honoi so it would make sense why lots of the population lives in Honoi. Major lanuage is Vietnamese. The poverty is about 23% of population.  The major religion is Buddhism and its important to there culture. some importanat dates of Vietnam are 1945 Ho Chi Minh proclaims independence and establishes the democratic republic of Viatnam.

post #1 :Introduction

The country that I have selected was Vietnam. I don’t know exactly why I picked it, maybe because my nail technician is from Vietnam and it seems like an amazing place and has some great culture. I expect to learn/ discover the culture, the history of how it came to be and an over all history, and the interesting things that not many know. I want to know everything mostly How does it run? How special is Vietnam?