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How I did Last Term

Last term I felt that I did reasonably well. I got an A in this class as well as all my others but there are some things that I think that I can get better at. Whenever I do stuff I don’t have a lot of motivation unless it’s something that I’m pumped about, which normally isn’t school related, so I’m trying to make myself more motivated by trying to keep my grades all A’s. Also last term I only finished one book and normally I finish more than that so one of my goals for this term is to finish at least 3 books.

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The Power of Words

Have you ever been reading a really good book and something really emotional starts happening and it makes you want to cry or you actually start crying. This happens because of the power of words and how the author uses them. If the author is trying to convey an emotion like sadness they are not going to say the boy was sad, they would use things like similes, metaphors, and a whole bunch of other things to make you fell the way that they want you to feel. If the author did just say things like he was happy or she was sad, it probably would be a not very good or interesting story.

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About Me

Some things that I like to do are hangout with friends, swim, mountain bike, and snow board in the winter. When I hangout with my friends we play board games, video games, ride bikes, and just mess around. When winter time comes my friends and I like to get season passes to Sun-dance and we go snowboarding every week. We normally go on Mondays when school gets over sooner and sometimes we go on Mondays. When I go mountain biking I go with one of my friends that also likes to mountain bike. We normally go up to valley vista which isn’t to far from where we live.

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 (This is David Mazouz he is completely unrelated to this blog post I think he is a cool guy.)
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What Kind of Writer am I

What kind of writer am I? I think that some of my strengths as a writer are that I am good at giving a interesting and descriptive story. One of the best story’s that I personally feel that I have written is the first short story that we had to write. But there are also a lot of things that I am not so good at in writing. One thing that I feel I need to do more in my writing is authors moves suck as metaphors, similes, and suspense. Of the authors moves I need to work hardest on is suspense.

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How I felt About the First Story

I thought that “The Veldt” by Ray Bradbury was a pretty interesting story but it was also a little bit weird but I liked the general idea of the story. One of the things that stood out to me the most was the message that the author was trying to  convey to the readers. To me the message was about how technology is good and how great the future can be with it but that we also still need to do some things our selves and still make sure to be a part of our children’s lives as they grow up.

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