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Literature Review

The story that I read was about a guy named He-man who was teleported away from his home to a place called The Land. The beginning didn’t catch my attention as well as I would have liked it to but it explained the beginning and a lot of the stuff that had happened before the time in which this story takes place. The story was pretty good but in the beginning there was a lot of repetition. I thought that the middle and end of the story were pretty good and the story ends on a cliffhanger that could lead to another story. I think that people who like action will like this story. I give this story a 7/10

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Tell Me About It

Tomorrow my teachers quorum is going on a camp out with the deacons to Goblin Valley. One thing that not so exited about is that it’s supposed to be really cold and most likely go below freezing. However, one thing that I am exited about is that on Tuesday I went to one of my friends house and it turns out that he likes “Magic The Gathering” which is something that I didn’t know about him. When we got to his house he taught all the rules and all the things that I needed to know in order to play.

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What I’m Reading

The book that I am currently reading is called “Artemis Fowl”  by Eoin Colfer. I read this book when I was probably seven or eight and didn’t really understand it that much. I figured that now since I’m older it might make a little bit more sense. Basically the book is about some  millionaire crime genius who is 14 years old. His dad made a bad investment and got killed and lost a whole bunch of the family’s money. Artemis plans on regaining his family’s wealth by stealing gold from fairies and things. I just started reading the book so there’s not very much that I know about it yet.

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Who am I as a Reader

Who am I as a reader? That is a very interesting question. I am the type of reader that if I really like or connect with a book I will spend a lot of time reading it trying to finish it. But if the book doesn’t grab my attention in the beginning then I just stop reading it because if the book can’t grab my attention in the first few pages or the first few chapters then the rest of the book probably won’t interest me and I will get bored part way through the book and feel like I just wasted time.

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