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It is very important to be persistent. If you are not you will give up and you won’t go anywhere in your life. Without having persistence you will give up anytime something hard happens. Persistence is knowing when not to give up and when to keep moving forward and keep pushing and pushing until you get what you want. If you want to get better at something like a sport then you have to be able to persist through the pain and get stronger and stronger until you are good at the sport that you are trying to get good at.

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Climbing Into Another Persons Skin

Atticus Finch told Scout about how there is one simple thing she can learn to help her get along with all kinds of people. He said she needs to crawl into their skin and look at things for there point of view. He is telling Scout that you can’t judge people without knowing what they are going through and what things are happening in their lives. If scout can do this she will be better able to get along with people, understand, and relate to them more than if she just blindly judged everybody. I feel like this is an important thing that everyone should try to do before judging someone.

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Beliefs and Actions

Everyone has a belief window that, based on the way that they were raised and the things have influenced their lives, can affect their actions. Your belief window will affect most if not all of your decisions in life. I feel like the whole idea of everybody having a belief window is a little bit weird but at the same time it makes a lot of sense to me. It makes sense that the things that you were taught when you were younger would eventually have a big impact on your decisions and  the actions that you take when you grow up.

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