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Shakespeare is a great thing that we should continue to teach in schools. A lot of Shakespeare’s works have a lot of long and difficult words and use difficult language. Reading these can help children get better at reading as well as increase their vocabulary. Reading Shakespeare can also help students to step out of their comfort zones while reading because most of the other children will also be struggling to read and understand the words. Students will be able to tell people that they have read Shakespeare before and people will know how hard reading Shakespeare is and be impressed.

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Everything I Know Or Think I Know About Shakespeare

Shakespeare was a man who lived along time ago and wrote some the greatest plays to ever be written, although some people think that Shakespeare was not one man but many all using the same name. In 8th grade we read The Wednesday Wars  which has to do with Shakespeare, and to help us “understand Shakespeare better” my teacher made us read parts of his plays. Also, in 8th grade I took a drama class in which we had to do some Shakespeare stuff, but Ms. Schow made Shakespeare a whole lot more fun than my English teacher last year did.

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I think that being able to assess your own work can be a very useful skill to have. If you are able to assess your work before turning it in you might be able to find little mistakes you made or find a better answer than the one that you put down. You would be able to  make the things that you do better. Generally, you would be able to improve your work in areas that you need help in by yourself. If you are doing a job you could impress your boss by doing better than they expected you to do.

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