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What’s On My Mind

Well today i’m going to write about what’s on mt mind. Me and some friends are going to make a JR Jazz team and it is going to be so sick. We are going to be good, we are not making the roster so I can’t tell you who is on the team but everyone better come are games because they are going to be sick. So that is what’s on my mind today…

what’s this got to do with me?

I think i can relate to this story. Me and 3 friends went to this place called the grid it is a go cart place and it was 30 dollars to race the go carts for 15 mins and i thought it was going to be a lot better. It was super fun but to me I don’t think it was that fun for 30 dollars. If it was longer or cheaper it would be a lot better. like the story the landlady, Billy weaver thought the hotel would of been better but in the end he got kill and stuffed.

the story of an hour – online discussion

To me i had mixed feeling about the story, I think the story was little weird and i feel like it was a little fake to me but it was interesting. Why i think it is a little fake is because i don’t think that if your wife or husbandmen die it would not just be okay 10 mins later and if they were nice and kind and treated  you good it would not just be okay. I can see it if they were not nice and the abused you it would be fine because now you get the money and you don’t have to be hit anymore.


digging deeper into the story I had some questions about the story like I steel don’t get why she was fine after her husbandmen pass away? Why did the author kill the girl at the end why didn’t she keep her alive. To my 1 questions i think the author wanted the lady to see how much better her life would be. To the 2 question i think the author kill her to  end the story and so the the lady did not have to explain her self to her husbandmen.

locked inside

The poem locked inside by Charlotte Perkins, is about a women locked inside a room an she is mad, sad and depressed. If you look when this was going on it was from 1860-1935 and around 1860 was the cavil war and back then women did not have rights and they were treated like stuff and not like humans. From my point of view she was depressed because she wanted rights and she wanted to have a good job and not be treated like trash. That is what I think is going on the the poem

Tech Friend or Foe?

I think there is a lot of pros ans cons when it comes to technicality. Some of the pros are it helps us a lot, like talking from fare away, getting aloud with each other. some cons are we get addicted to are phones and TV and we don’t want to do anything but just sit on are phones and watch TV. To me I think t is a Foe because we don’t need it live but it is good to have and it can be useful if we don’t get addicted.

what I’ve been reading

I just finish the hunger games 1 and 2 and i did not  really like them, they just were not for me. I did like the movie but the book is just kinda weird to me. I don’t know what to read next. What do you think I should read commit on this to tell me what books are good and what books you like or dislike. Help me find a book that is good please and thank you.

small improvements and 1% gains

Do you think there is room for improvement? I think there is always room for improvement even if  it is something small. In the article we read in class called “This Coach Improved Every Tiny Thing By 1 Percent And Here’s What Happened”. In the article it says the coach did anything he his will to help the team win. My favorite thing he did is got the bikers the best sleeping pillows so when the were traveling they got good sleep. A other thing he did is got them the best seat so they felt better on the bike.


what 2095 is going to be like. I’m going to be like 67 years old there is going to be a lot of  new things around and I’m just going to be an old guy. There will probily be flying cars and flying shoes. Everything is going to be big. The kids are going to be brats and there famliy’s will be rich I think that what is going to be like

I can use figurative language

Today i’m going to be telling you how football is going. Last game we won 33 to 14 and I got hit hard in the legs and that is the worst spot to get hit because there is no pads so it does not fill to good, this is how it happens. We ran a screen to the left and I got the ball look up the filed and got some yards and this line backer came in like a truck and hit me right in the legs and I did and flip, it did not fill to good.

what i’m doing right and what I can do better

what i’m doing right and what I can do better. What i’m doing right is I have all my work done and all my class work is into Mr. Green. Right now I am reading the hunger games and I don’t really like it but I am going to finish it. I don’t know what to read next so commit what book I should read next. What I can do better I think I can, I fill like some of my post can be better and I know my blog can be better. thank you for reading and don’t forget to commit and tell me what book I should read next.

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