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the story of an hour – online discussion

To me i had mixed feeling about the story, I think the story was little weird and i feel like it was a little fake to me but it was interesting. Why i think it is a little fake is because i don’t think that if your wife or husbandmen die it would not just be okay 10 mins later and if they were nice and kind and treated¬† you good it would not just be okay. I can see it if they were not nice and the abused you it would be fine because now you get the money and you don’t have to be hit anymore.


digging deeper into the story I had some questions about the story like I steel don’t get why she was fine after her husbandmen pass away? Why did the author kill the girl at the end why didn’t she keep her alive. To my 1 questions i think the author wanted the lady to see how much better her life would be. To the 2 question i think the author kill her to¬† end the story and so the the lady did not have to explain her self to her husbandmen.

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