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Real Courage

Mr.green ask us to stay are opinion on what you think real courage is. To me real courage is standing your ground and not letting people put you done. Also not backing down to people and not letting hem scar you. To me a good example of people that show courage are the men and women that protect this amazing county they hold all those standers. that is my opinion on what real courage is and it wont change.

The Most Interesting Thing

luckily my parents are not making me stay home, so i get to go hang out with friends still but the most interesting thing that has happens to me the over the last 10 days  happened yesterday. me and some of my friends went to this house that is getting made right now, we were walking back to my buddies house and we were walking throw a big field and a guy came out and started yelling at us but we started to run and he started chasing us but we got away so it was fine.

Mad Dog

In To kill a mockingbird the kids find a dog and they call this dogs mad dog so the call Tim Johnson and it is his job to get rid of this dogs and make sure that they don’t come back.  Tim Johnson gets to the town and sees the dog and he gave the gun to Atticus and said take care of it. Why do you think he did that? i think he gave the gun to Atticus because Tim was accused of rape and i think he is just scared of making a mistake and scared to go to jail. That’s what i think of Tim Johnson.

how i’m doing with the corona virus

To be honest it has not done anything to my health but it has intact me with my life. First off it has made it so I can’t go to school and that to me is vary annoying and made it kinda hard for me. It also made i so I can’t play football and go to football practice  but other then those to things it has not really effaced me or my family. I’m happy that i haven’t got the virus and hope i don’t get it because I hate being sick.

it ain’t time to worry yet

  1. In the book we are reading right not, To Kill A Mockingbird it tells about how Attucks is very calm in not so calm places, like when the house is on fire and he is not freaking out and just staying calm. When i think of that I think of my older brother i feel like he is pretty good when not so good stuff comes his way. He stays calm and collective and takes a deep breath and most impropriety he does not let his temper get him. I think that it is good to have that.

busy worrying about the next world

To me i think teaching someone about your religion can be good but if you abuse it, it can make your own religion and you look bad. I think if you use it as a tool and teach people that want to learn about it is a lot better then just pushing them to learn it. if you use it as a weapon instead of  a tool it is kinda bad i think it is good to teach people about your religion and what you believe in is good but you just can’t abuse it

all-time favorite movie

I don’t really have a favorite movie but we watch this  movie in PE and its about a football player named Ernie Davis. He was a running back that played when all the black rights stuff was happening and in had to play with white people and they were mean to him and treated  him bad. And throw all that he kept playing football. Why I like it so much is because I love football and I also like true story and that’s what this movie is. I think everyone should watch it because it shows you how to be tuff and not let other people put you down

everything i didn’t know i know about the people i know

I really like this assessment because it helps me and other people understand people better and what life has to offer for them and to take a look inside someones else life and what they are going throw. That is why i like it so much and enjoyed it to. I got to see inside someones else life and it gave me awareness what is going on around me and i thought that was cool. it really did me a better understanding of other people not just me and my friends so if we did it again i would not be mad.

A whole new year

This year I want to improve everything i do even if it is just by a little. For reading and writing i am going to get a lot better this year and improve a lot more in those subjects. For football this year i am also going to improve a lot. i have already started to by working out, throwing, and getting my speed up. I cant wait to start playing again because i miss it so much. those are some things i am going to improve this year. what are some things you are going to improve this year?

favorite blog

This year we have done a lot of blogs. My favorite one we have done so fore is 1% gains because it just shows you that just the smallest thing can pay off in a big way. Evan if its just like studding for 5 more mins before a test it can go a long ways. I think everyone should read the 1% gains.

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