Today I mainly focused on writing my rough draft, but I did look into the process of getting a book published and all the steps and things you have to go through to get it published. I’m excited to learn more about writing, and publishing, and hope to inspire people to follow their dreams. I mean if I can write a book, you can surely do whatever you want. Im hoping this will be a good book for teens and tweens.

My next step is to write some more of my rough draft, and work on editing/grammar errors/ punctuation.

My SIPS Project

For my SIPS project, I decided to look into writing a book. I’ve always liked writing and reading, and I figured it would be awesome to write a book. Three questions I need to know to help guide me are…

1. How can make sure I have proper punctuation and grammar?

2.How can I get it edited, and published?

3. How can I have good figurative language, and authors craft in my writing?

I would write a book, and get it edited and published.

To get advise and help, I could email writers and talk to my neighbor to find out all I need to know.