Final SIPS Post

  1. My project was me trying to write a book or at least part of one for now. I chose this because I really like reading and I had a few really good ideas I thought would be cool to make into a book. Many people will benefit from this because they can read it and have fun, and also it can inspire them. If a nearly fifteen year old boy can write a book they can follow their dreams. A lot of work on my project was done in class but I also did some at home and edited it some at home. I had my mom help me edit it at the end but I did the rest on my own.
  2. A roadblock I went through was trying to get my thoughts into a book in a way that would make sense to anyone trying to read it. I had to correct mistakes and work through the story until the plot made sense and the writing was understood. I also had to work on some grammar problems, and goofed off too much in class. If I did it again I would work harder and smarter and not waste time.
  3. I think my biggest success was finally getting at least part of my story onto a page. I was worried that I wouldn’t get something out. I liked it though and had fun going through it and developing my characters.
  4. Something I learned was how to better turn my thoughts into words and sentences that made sense. It helped me to become a better writer. I thought this was a great experience that will really help me out in the future. I think working on this will help me to write essays and other things in english. I think that this will help me throughout the rest of my life, and thinking back on this experience.
  5. I was able to attend the SIPS showcase, and I thought it was really cool. I liked getting to see other people’s experience and things they tried to do. I liked how outgoing people were and the experiences they got to have. I think that this was a good opportunity to let kids learn and have a good time.

Sips #8

I worked on editing things in my story and trying to make it easier to understand what is going on. I liked sips a lot. I think it is a really cool experience to get to spend time on something you are passionate about, and do something you are actually interested. I feel like it is a good break from usual school with a whole bunch of tests, but I think it still helped a whole bunch. My advice for others in the years to come, is to not goof off. Seriously this is something fun don’t abuse it. It is a lot harder to finish if you goof off a whole bunch.

Sips #7

I came up with some more good ideas for my story and I just need to make sure that I can arange everything in a way that makes sense.

I need to edit everything and write some more and make sure it can be understood for the showcase on may 8


I wrote a few more pages, and thought about what I need to work on and write next. I was planning things out in my head too.

I plan on finishing a little bit more at least, and getting it all edited, and then making sure I’ve put everything in that I want to.

My project will show people that they can accomplish whatever they want to, If I can write a book, they can do whatever they want to. I hope I can inspire them to follow their dreams, and do what they want in life.


I wrote about another page in google docs and read the part I had already written and made it sound a little better. I did a little research to make sure I knew what I was talking.

I need to keep writing my book, and I need to get what I have done edited too.

I read Clairie’s blog.

Sips #4

It went pretty good today. I saw a few things to fix in my story, and came up with some new ideas to make it better. I had a few spots where I need to make it sound better, and make more sense. I need to keep writing more and research some things I have questions about.

Sips #3

I started working on more of my story, and tried to think more about plot, and what I still needed to fix. I tried to make the story make sense too. Next I need to write down the plot so that I can figure out the storyline. I think I got three out of five points. I could have worked a little bit smarter, and harder. I goofed off a little too much. I think that my project is going pretty good though.


Today, I debated changing my topic, but at least for right now I’m going to keep writing a book. I rethought everything I did, and kind of changed my direction. I stopped writing my other topic, and I started to write a book that could make my old topic into a prequel. I felt that this would make a better book, and it would help me to make everything fit together and make more sense. I looked into some authors and I might email some in the next few weeks to see if there’s anything I can do to make a better story, or help my writing. Next, I ┬áneed to keep working on writing my book, and editing it, and I think I need to work a little better on staying on track. I was paying too much attention to other people’s projects instead of my own.


Today I mainly focused on writing my rough draft, but I did look into the process of getting a book published and all the steps and things you have to go through to get it published. I’m excited to learn more about writing, and publishing, and hope to inspire people to follow their dreams. I mean if I can write a book, you can surely do whatever you want. Im hoping this will be a good book for teens and tweens.

My next step is to write some more of my rough draft, and work on editing/grammar errors/ punctuation.

My SIPS Project

For my SIPS project, I decided to look into writing a book. I’ve always liked writing and reading, and I figured it would be awesome to write a book. Three questions I need to know to help guide me are…

1. How can make sure I have proper punctuation and grammar?

2.How can I get it edited, and published?

3. How can I have good figurative language, and authors craft in my writing?

I would write a book, and get it edited and published.

To get advise and help, I could email writers and talk to my neighbor to find out all I need to know.