Blog Post #4 Social Justice Issue

I am reading Dumplin’ in my lit circle group.

Dumplin deals a lot with body positivity and the main character deals with being larger than anyone else.

Body positivity started in the 1960’s with the fat acceptance movement. This has evolved into what it is today, with the famous Dove campaign really kick starting it. There isn’t one organization that is funding this, but a community of people wanting to share love to everyone.

The author has created more awareness for this in Dumplin’ through the first person perspective of Willowdean, the main character. It really shows her struggles and trials as she has to deal with the crap people give her.

These books are really interesting because when I think about reading a issue-driven book it doesn’t seem fun to read, but once you get into the story, it can really drag you in. I liked Dumplin’ and I might read more books in the future.



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