Blog Post #5 – Christmas Gift Giving

John Green talks really fast, so I only caught one- Boot and Shoe – a cute book that had adorable cats on the cover :).

I have received books as gifts, although not often. The one I remember best is #3 of the Farworld series, when I haven’t read any. I proceeded to check out books earlier in the series so I could read that book, and it was pretty good.

I like getting books for Christmas, as long as they aren’t some junk that was $1 at the store. If it is a good book from a good author than I will be happy about it. If I get a book that I don’t want, I usually just keep it on my shelf until I feel adventurous, or I give it to someone else to read.

My series project has changed! I am reading arc 1 and 2 of the Wings Of Fire series because my friend bullied me into reading them, and I won’t have time to read another series in time. I accidentally read 1-5 then read 6-8 out of order, then I will finish with Darkstalker.

We are doing a Christmas family reunion on the 23rd after we finish our house remodel.

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