How I will Dominate During Term four

The first way that I would like to improve in order to dominate during term four is missing assignments. During third quarter at one point I had missed a week of school and I had 11 missing assignments. All thought I only ended with one I would have liked to have zero and a lot less then 11 throughout the whole quarter. I think this would help my grades while also helping me improve my work ethic.  I would also like to end with no c’s I think this is a good goal for me to set and it would make me work hard.


climbing into another dudes skin.

Atticus is talking about its okay to judge people but don’t be haste about it. Hes also saying don’t judge someone if you don’t understand how hard their life is or what they are going through. He doesn’t mean literally to climb into someones skin because that is gross and probably illegal. It would also probably give you a bunch of weird diseases and those would not be fun to have. People always tell you not to judge but humans do so you should just try not to judge people before you see what they are going through and if they are going through tough challenges.



What type of reader am I

I think that I am a pretty good reader I can read pretty fast and I always understand whats going on. Sometimes I get distracted while reading and other times I can just focus and read for a long time. I kind of like reading It relaxes me so if I am like stressed or something Ill just read for like twenty minutes. I think I am also good at understanding what I am reading and what the words mean. I am bad at picking out authors moves and stuff like that. I like reading at school because I think it gives me a break from whats going on at the time.

The best book I ever read.

The best book I have ever read is Everyone Poops, written by Taro Gomi. The reason I like this book is because I found it very informing. This book sticks out to me because it made me feel happy that I was not weird.  I would highly recommend this book to someone who feels out of place in the world and just wants to feel like a normal person. I would also recommend this book to anyone who enjoys learning about how their body works and how the world around them works. This is a great book for anyone out their struggling to find a good read.


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