Final SIPS Blog Post

For my SIPS project I learned more and practiced more with hair and makeup. I did people’s hair and makeup in and out of class, and I posted daily beauty tips on my Instagram. I am hoping my project can help inspire people to play around with their hair and makeup as well as try out some new beauty tips. I am also hoping my project can serve other people by doing their makeup. The work for my project was mostly at home doing beauty tips on Instagram and people’s makeup at home, I did however do some people’s makeup at school. Other people were very much involved in my project. I was doing their makeup and hair, and they were willingly letting me do so. A frustration I ran into was in the beginning, my project was only focused on hair, and that got really old really fast, so I expanded my project. Another road block I ran into was that sometimes the makeup look didn’t turn out entirely into what I wanted, so I just had to go a different direction. My biggest success with this project was when I did Claire’s hair and makeup for her murder mystery party! It took 3 1/2 hours, but by far it was one of my best makeup and hair achievements. I did a makeup look based on a picture, which was very hard because I usually just go with my ideas. I was very proud of how it turned out, but my favorite part was her reaction. It made my day she was so happy and smiley, it was awesome! That is my favorite part about doing makeup; when people realize how beautiful they actually are. Makeup doesn’t make you a new person, it just defines you natural features, and when people can recognize their beauty, it’s the most wonderful thing in the world. This project helped me a lot! I used to be really shy about my makeup and was really hesitant about what people would think. After and while doing this project, I have started to overcome my fear of what people thought of me and doing makeup. I didn’t really learn much english-y stuff, but being able to work with people was definitely part of it. Definitely a worth my time! I was able to attend the showcase and I loved it! A lot of people gave me a lot of compliments, (mostly on Gage’s picture) and a lot of people read through my beauty tips. I really liked doing SIPS!


Today I did Crysta’s makeup and I tried doing a light gold smokey eye and it worked out alright. I am not so fantastically happy with how her contour worked out, but that is okay because it worked out. I loooooved SIPS! It was so fun and great learning escape from the mundane tasks of school. I enjoyed learning what I want and having built in time to do so. For students doing SIPS next year, I would say find something you love and do it because you can spend class time doing what you enjoy! This is a great time to do so and I personally really enjoyed it!


I did Suzi’s makeup today, and i tried using the Winky Lux Sugar Glaze with a highlight underneath and it worked really well. I have a manikin head I am going to dye the hair of and I will have that and before and after pictures to showcase. I serve people by doing their makeup, and I inspire people with my beauty tips, and well as educate them.


Today I did Sydniann’s makeup and tried using some lip gloss with a highlighter. It proved successful! I am going to post the before and after pictures on my makeup Instagram tonight. I also figured out what beauty tips I’m going to post the next few days. Below is a before and two afters of Syd’s makeup.

I read Brigham’s blog.

SIPS #4/SIPS re-Pitch

SIPS #4:

Today I made a survey so I can find out what beauty questions I can research for people what they want to know. I also found out that drinking plenty of water will help your body relieve toxins and helps your skin have a more natural glow! My learning is going great! I am starting to learn more tips I can research and I think I am going to lean allot. I kind of bumped into a problem with being bored but it was resolved. I am going to wash all my makeup brushes and bring all my makeup for next time so I can do peoples makeup and get some before and after pictures.


So it has come to the point where I am starting to get bored of just researching  coloring and cutting hair. I am still going to be using that, but I am going to start a beauty Instagram and post once or twice a week with beauty stuff, as well as a daily beauty tip. So I am not necessarily doing a new project, I’m just expanding it.


Today I learned about cutting hair and the best order for those steps. I was only able to get through wikihow’s instructions because there was so much stuff one their. I think I used all of my time wisely. Next time I want to start learning about how to cut layers and different hair styles and how to cut them.


Today I more focused on how to actually color hair, and what good dyes are out there. I got allot of great information in the article by Good House Keeping about good hair dyes for what your going for, and I got allot of good tips about choosing colors and procedures from Next I am going to look at how to do highlights and make them look good. I feel like I was on task pretty well. I read about 4 articles, and wrote about 1 1/2 pages of notes. I am planning on coloring my moms hair this coming week so I will be doing a little bit of my project at home. I am very excited about this project.

SIPS Pitch

1) My interest and passion is doing makeup and hair, but for my project, I have decided to focus on hair. I would like to learn how to color, and cut hair.

2) My guiding questions are:

  1. How do I cut and color hair?
  2. What happens to the hair when you color it?
  3. What hair colors and cuts looks best with different faces/skin types.

3) This project will serve people because I can cut and color family and friends hair for cheaper prices than going to a salon.

4) My experts will be my hairdresser, Camie Reese and my aunt, Debby Ward.