A Whole New Year

I feel like I am a pretty good reader and writer at the moment. But there is always room for improvement. There is always something I can do to improve my reading and writing skills. I really want to become a stronger reader so¬† I will be able to analyse the text Mr Green gives us better and I will know what is going on in the story or book or any form of writing that comes my way. But this all doesn’t happen overnight. I will have to put in the work to become the best reader and writer I can possibly be. ‘m just going to start reading way more. Every chance I get to read, I will try to take the opportunity and become a great reader.


Halfway Gone

I feel like I have grown as a reader in the 10 hours we have spent together reading. There hasn’t been much of a change, but to experience those big changes, you have to put in the hours and the work. It really takes time to become an excellent reader, but I feel like I am on the right track to becoming an excellent reader. Also, I feel that these blog post we have been doing have really helped me. It is a great place to let my feelings and thoughts out about certain topics that I just really need to talk about.



The Story I enjoyed the Most Or Disliked the least.

The story I enjoyed the most was “The Story of An Hour” By Kate Chopin. It is about a woman named Mrs Mallard who is troubled with a heart disease. Her husband dies in a tragic accident and she takes some time to mourn. But while she is felling sad, she discovers that there is a feeling driving her away from being sad. She soul searches some more and realizes she is free. But in a turn of events, her husband walks through the door and she dies of the “joy that kills.” I really like the story because the author uses a lot of authors craft to get her pint around, and the transition between her feeling sad to being free from the world and other people. In the story it also said, there was a monstrous joy that came over her, and I really feel like this sums of the transition of the story pretty well.

The Good Stuff

There is a lot of stuff I am grateful for in my life. Most people will say that they are thankful for good food and water and family, but there is a lot of stuff that people don’t realize that they should be really grateful for. One thing is education. People really take it for granted. There are people on this Earth who would love to go to school and learn. There are other things, like people in your life that you think don’t make a big difference but really do. Like someone just smiling at your are giving you a compliment. It can really go a long way, and that is really what i’m grateful for. Just the little things people do in my life everyday that makes it just that much better.


Everbody was finally equal.

I don’t believe everyone can be equal. There is no way. There are people who want to go on to do great things. They are the ones that keep society in check. There are people that are not hard workers and want everything given to them. Those are the people that bring the exceptional people down. They spread false rumors about them and are just horrible people. And all because they don’t have the mindset to work hard. Some people are talented and that gives this a slight advantage, but hard work also comes into play. Someone who is extremely talented can still be beaten by someone who has put many hours of hard work into that one thing.


What’s on my mind?

There is not a lot on my mind. My elbows kind of hurt, but that is mostly it. A few days ago, I had a question. Why is metal shiny? I really don’t know. Does anyone really know? What do we know? Has the human race peaked already? My mind is buzzing with questions at this very moment. I am craving oatmeal. I am very hungry right now and food would sound really good. My brother is sick and is at home right now. How could we have survived the ice age? I want food really bad right now, please, someone help, anyone. I can’t wait until schools out because I want to go the store for more money for more of that delicious oatmeal I have been craving. Good day ma’ams and gentlemen


What’s this gotta do with me?

In the story,”The Landlady”, there is a man named Billy Weaver who is working and needs a place to stay. He finds a small bed and breakfast and decides to stay there. While he is there, the landlady is really kind to him, but acts really strange. He begins to trust this woman and that eventually gets him killed. How this story applies to me is that people need to take precautions. I have been deceived before but it hasn’t been as rough as Billy. I was too quick to trust and that eventually came back to get me later on. People might act extremely nice, but their motives might make it so this person is not a very trustworthy person that wants to cause you pain and harm. But that isn’t the whole story. Some people I judged too quickly, and that also harmed me.


Suspense and Word Choice

One morning, I was sitting at my kitchen table eating my lucky charms when, all of the sudden, a dog burst through my front door.I was completely taken aback by this disturbance. I was brisk to react as the dog came barreling down my hallway. I whipped around just in time to grab the dog by collar before it got to the kitchen. I was just about to remove the dog from my presence when a large figure came bursting through the door. It took me a minute to realize what was going on and this man explained that the dog was his that ran away. As he was chasing it, it ran into mu house. I gave him his dog and returned to my bowl of cereal.

Free! Body and soul free!

In today’s society, there are many things that can make one feel trapped. There are people trapped all around us and we don’t realize it. People can be suffering from depression or just getting bullied. But other people might not fell trapped, but left out, neglected by the ones that they trusted. But we can help. We can truly be free by helping others that also feel trapped. We can be that person who is there when others need help.Be the person who answers the call when others are crying out. We need to be there so we can truly be free, body and soul free.

1st Term Business

It has been a while since I walked in here. I definitely feel much smarter in my brain because of all the knowledge Mr. Green gave to me in the time is spent in his class. But I do fell like I can put in a little extra work. I feel like I haven’t put in a full effort. I don’t know if I am the only on that feels that way, but I will try harder in second term and really grow as a person along the way. I also feel like I can give more of an effort in all my other classes.

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