3.1 Deep Thinker

Source: Michael Vey: The Prisoner of Cell 25, page 111

By: Richard Paul Evans

Quote: “Suddenly I heard Ostin’s voice, blending into what seemed like a collage of other sounds. I looked down at my mother. She was still, but gazing at me. I saw her lips move but I couldn;t hear her. I couldn’t hear anything other that hte loud buzzing in my ears. I think she said i love you.  Its seems like that’s what she said. I’ts the last thing I remember  before passing out.”

Context: so Michael and his friend Ostin had just finished celebrating his birthday at a pizza place. As they were walking to their car a group of people showed up and one of them did something to his mom and he passes out.

This makes me think: This passage provides a lot of imagery so you really know what is going on. It also intensifies the moment, instead of just saying he passed out, they include a lot of detail which makes you more interested and connected to the story.

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