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Lit Circle #2 Final Project

I did City of Brass by S.A. Chakraborty with Zoe, Dallas, and Shae. I’m doing the characters section for the final project. There are different “races” of characters in the story. Daevas are fire elementals. After some confusing war stuff… Continue Reading →

Blog 8: Discussion Director- City of Brass

I’ve read way ahead and have almost finished the book. Where I’m at in my book, some stuff goes down and it’s making me angered. I still really like the story and setting. Once I got into the book and… Continue Reading →

Lit. Circle Soundtrack Blog Post

“Smithereens” by Twenty One Pilots is, in my opinion, a perfect song for Park. He’s so willing to do anything for Eleanor. Eleanor’s song is “I want to Break Free” by Queen because she’s kind of rebellious in her own… Continue Reading →

Blog Post #7: Eleanor and Park Pictures

These are headphones. In the story, Eleanor and Park bond and open up more over music. The headphones they use, however, are the older walkman music players. This is a batman comic book. Park reads comic books all the time… Continue Reading →

Book Show and Tell Post

I choose to do Golden Son by Pierce Brown, the second book in the Red Rising series. It’s a sci-fi heavy book that takes place in our solar system and revolves around “The Society” which is the future government of… Continue Reading →

Blog #5: Series Project Proposal

I’m going to do the rest of the Red Rising series. I finished the 1st book, Red Rising, last semester in Mr. Gagnier’s class. I really loved its concept and all the science fiction aspects of it. I am almost done with… Continue Reading →

Steelheart Final Project

Prof- He is one of the most essential characters in the story.  The Epics- They’re kind of the main focus of the story. (Dallas)  Megan- She is epic (haha see what I did there) in pretty much every scene she… Continue Reading →

Blog Post #3: Author Highlight

Brandon Sanderson has a very accessible presence on the internet, meaning he makes it decently easy to find out more about him and his books. I think it’s also awesome how he has those little meter things in the upper… Continue Reading →

Blog Post #1: Me as a Reader

Was back in the olden times, I was a child who was still learning to read. It was a simple life of Dr. Seuss and Goodnight Moon, but that was before the dark ages. I started going to Kindergarten where… Continue Reading →

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