I did City of Brass by S.A. Chakraborty with Zoe, Dallas, and Shae. I’m doing the characters section for the final project. There are different “races” of characters in the story. Daevas are fire elementals. After some confusing war stuff there’s a tribe that brakes off who become Djinn (aka The Geziri).

First, we are introduced to Nahri (one of the character perspectives we see), who in the beginning of the story is a con woman in Egypt. We later find out that she is a shafit (kind of like a half breed human and half Daeva) and then even that changes after she meets the king of Daevabad. In one of her fake rituals, she accidentally summons the next character, Dara.

His full name is Darayavahoush e-Afshin, Dara for short. He is a warrior Afshin (according to the glossary is defined as “the title and name of Daeva warrior family who served the Nahid Counsel) who also has a dark past that has earned him the nickname the “Scourge of Qui-zi.”

The other character perspective is one of the Geziri, Alizayd al Qahtani. Ali is a prince of Daevabad, but is also an awesome warrior, too. His main weapon that he’s known for is the Zulfiqar (pictured). There’s a part in the story where he is also appointed to Qaid, the commander of the Royal Guard.

Muntadhir al Qahtani, the crown prince and heir to the Qahtani. He is Ali’s older brother. He is known throughout Daevabad for his love of partying and carelessness.

Finally, Ghassan ibn Khader al Qahtani, King, ruler of the realm, Defender of the faith. He is confusing to me. What I take is that he does what he needs to for his country and to further his reign. There are some parts where he seems like a kind father to Ali and Muntadhir, then he does a 360 and gets yells at them for being stupid?! I decided that I don’t like him, but I don’t exactly hate him.

My group overall liked it. I enjoyed the setting and the style of writing of the book. It was magical but not overly based on magic. I liked how it was in our world, but not at the same time, like Harry Potter in a way.