Blog #9: Lit Circle Project – Characters

Hanneke: She’s the main character who works for Mr. Kreuk who has her get things through the black market. SO she mostly runs errands and such. She has Blonde hair and green eyes and the right last name so she is a little more privileged than others when the Nazi’s invaded. She decides to help find a missing girl for Mrs. Janssen.

Mrs. Janssen: This character is one of Hanneke’s routine customers for things she picks up from the black market. She is a frail old women who lost all her family either from the Nazi’s or lack of communication. She asks Hanneke to find Mirjam who was the Jewish girl she was hiding until one day she just left and disappeared.

Sebastian (Bas): He died when the Nazi’s first invaded trying to defend his country and honor. His character is mostly represented only through Hanneke and her memories of when he was alive and they were dating. Really wish he was actually in the story because he seemed like a really good character and I’m kind of just a sucker for a good love story.

Ollie: He is Bas’ older brother and he comes into contact again with Hanneke throughout the book. He is a more serious character who wants the war to be over. No surprise that he asked Hanneke to be apart of the resistance because of her connections to the black market. He tries to help her find Mirjam. We find out that he is actually Gay and in love with his roommate Willem.

Elsbeth: She was Hanneke’s best friend from high school and they used to be inseparable until she fell in love with a Nazi. Her character is mostly shown through Hanneke’s old memories like Bas, except she is still alive. they almost have an encounter, but it didn’t end up happening.


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