Declare My Term 4 Book

I chose to read Miss Peregrines Home For Peculiar Children The author is Ransom Riggs.



I chose this book because my mom gave it to me and she said to read it so I am. My mom loves these book series, and I think it looks interesting because it looks spooky and a little mysterious. I happen to love scary books and movies so this is great. I have read The Maze Runner, this is the first book that came into my head because it is a thrilling book, just like Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children. I think they are similar in some ways because I would think they would both get you jumping. Of course I have not yet read Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children, it just looks like a spooky book.


The reading level of my book according to Amazon is for teens and young adults.


 In December my family has a tradition. Every year before Christmas, on Christmas Eve all of my family, my cousins, aunts, etc. all come together at one of my family members house and play a game. All of the older adults wrap up treats. My family all gathers together in a circle. The older parents count how many people that have come, they write it on separate pieces of paper, one through how many people that have come. For example, 23 people have come to the event, or family meeting. The adults take separate pieces of paper and write numbers 1-23, each piece of paper having one of the numbers on it. They put all of the pieces of paper in a hat or bowl. All of the people pick one random piece of paper out of the container. Who ever got the piece of paper with a 1 on it, they go first. If you got a number 2 on your piece of paper you go second, if you got a number 3 on your piece of paper you go third, and so on. All of the presents would be placed in the middle of the circle. The one who had number 1 on there piece of paper they would choose, any, random present in the center. They would unwrap the present and it would be any candy, king size twix bar, a big metal, about lunch sized, container full of chocolate kisses or gum. Any candy would be placed in any of the presents, not just twix and chocolate kisses or gum, any candy would be placed in the present, it was unpredictable. After the first person opened the present, it was the next persons turn, the person who had the piece of paper labeled 2. Now, the person who went second, could choose to steel the present that was opened or could open another present in the middle. The third person could steel any of the presents that have been opened or open another present and so on all the way to the last person. If you got to the last persons turn you could either keep playing or end the game. I love my family tradition because you never know what your going to end up with.

This year I am really looking forward to, of course Christmas break because having no school for a while is a nice break. I am also looking forward to Christmas day this year. I know everyone loves Christmas day because of all the presents everyone wants and hopes to get. I am not excited because all the presents. I guess there is one present I really hope I get, a bike, always wanted one after my last bike broke into shreds. I like Christmas time because i’m always glad to see everyone’s happy faces when they give, all the joy. Most little kids are more kind because they believe in Santa Clause and they only  get presents if they are on the nice list. I cant believe kids are this gullible. I really like the happiness this time of year and I really cant wait for just a nice break from all the homework and makeup, and all the missing assignments. Mostly, i’m excited for no more school for a few weeks. I definitely need a break from school for a little while and i’m really looking forward to Christmas this year.

My goals for the new year is to get all A’s, not because I want to be “successful” but so I wont have to worry about all the work later, and not be able to go to college, no college in specific. I think having all A’s will help me focus on other things, other than school. I think I will have more time to focus on fun, when I get everything all caught up and wont have to worry about anything else. Of course I am still working on it, but I think my goal will be accomplished if I focus hard enough. It has been very hard to pay attention more at school, especially since i’m not very good at listening. I believe if I can really focus on turning assignments in, I will achieve all A’s.