May 13

Encore 2017 List

Jessa Bliss

Kami Murie

Hannah Richins

Emmalynn Bailey

Elizabeth Holbrook

Brooklyn Jones

Emma Watts

Brittany Thorson

Sarah Rodrigues

Sarah Moore

Shay Talbot


Spencer Cook

Noah Weber

Tyler Henrie

Bradon Barson

Braken Hugh

Cooper Beck

Spencer Heath

Jordan Heath

Christian Visker

May 6

Solo/Small Group Results

Okay, I know that the other solos were all supposed to be posted today to. Those will be posted soon, but my job has been made trickier by the beautiful auditions I heard. Have patience, friends.

Without further ado, the solo/small group numbers for the Broadway concert:

Scott Fletcher

Madison Beck

Ryann Slider

Josh Stokes/McKay Barton

Mikayla Baxter

Sage Boyle/Sam Dalley

If your name is on this list, come see me next week to get some final rehearsal, polishing, etc. Congratulations, and have a lovely weekend!

April 26

Pioneer Invitational Make Up

If you were not at the Pioneer Invitational, your options for make-up are these-

Performance missed: accurately sing all of your pieces for me (either in person or on a video).

Rehearsal missed: attend two BYU rehearsals or one MoTab rehearsal and write me a response paper on what happened in the rehearsal. The other alternative is to watch the following video and submit to me a 3-page paper on the video.

February 1


Congratulations, everyone! If you have questions, please email me after 24 hours have passed. 🙂


  1. Giovanna Nuccitelli
  2. Chris Whatcott
  3. Michaela Winterton
  4. Alexia Allen
  5. Lizzie Ferguson
  6. Ammon Harris
  7. Emma Norton
  8. Allyson MacArthur
  9. Jessie Criddle
  10. Amy Steeneck
  11. Dani Brannum
  12. Tanner Pruett
  13. Holly Gerber
  14. Levi Parry
  15. Phillip Dustin
  16. Emily Tew
  17. William Whitehead
  18. Annalee Wyatt
  19. Haylee Caswell
  20. Rachel Clegg
  21. Justin Hofheins
  22. Kate Jarman
  23. Lindsay Jarman
  24. Emma Reeves
  25. Maddie Winterton
  26. Courtney Wright.


Shay Talbot

Gabriel Orullian

Jack Tedrow

Daniel Kaufman

Spencer Heath

Samantha Dalley

Braken Hugh

Jordan Heath

Spencer Cook

Bradon Barson

Cameo Tamala

Kami Murie

Brittany Thorson

Emmalyn Bailey

Christian Visker

Noah Weber

Amelia Morgan

Alli Pope

Rylee Marshall

Brooklyn Jones

Sarah Moore

Elizabeth Holbrook

Anastacia Kettenring

Jordan Peterson

Jessa Bliss

Andrew Stewart

Emily Hunton

Courtney Rasmussen

Sarah Rodrigues


Adrianne De Jel Adrielle Viera Daniel Kaufman Adrian Jenkins
Alli Pope Brittany Thorson Gabriel Orullian Alex Kleinert
Amelia Morgan Brittni Jackson Jack Tedrow Braden Barson
Anastacia Kettenring Brooklyn Jones Joshua Isaacs Braken Hugh
Clarissa Crawford Cameo Tamala Noah Weber Christian Visker
Elizabeth Holbrook Jalyn McWilliams Scott Belliston Jordan Heath
Emily Galvan Kami Murie Spencer Cook Randy Jarvis
Emmalyn Bailey Sage Boyle Spencer Heath
Grace Palmer Samantha Dalley
Hailey Lynch Sarah Moore
Jade Keeney Stefany Sanchez
LiAn Ulbrich Trinity Linford
Madi Gray
Rebekah Moon
Rylee Marshall
Shay Talbot


Soprano Altos Tenors Bass
Abby Beeston Abby Skousen Ben Whatcott Bryce Christiansen
Ainsleigh North Abigail Hancock Bryce Collins Caleb Estes
Alexia Allen Allyson Crandall Cole Wheadon Daniel Rollins
Alicia Leavitt Andy Labrum Mark Foster Joseph Watts
Annabel Phillips Ashleigh Sabin Nathanial Hanna Kenyan Bradshaw
Emma Garrett Ashley Woodcox Tanner Pruett Kohler Simons
Giovanna Nuccitelli Courtney Richards Taylor Buss McKay Barton
Kat Seaver Emma Watts Robert Bull
Katelyn Hansen Heather Hart Tanner Wyatt
Kayla Richardson Heidi Zaugg Tyler Shirk
Kennedy Albee Kaylie Wright
Kennedy Hawkins Kennedy Hurst
Lauren Holmstead Maddie Sabin
Libby Sumpter Natalie Mortenson
Ruthann Kosorok Abby Ball
Corinne Bahr Hannah Brower


Sopranos Altos Tenors Basses
Abigail Hancock Abby Ball Bradley Schoebinger Daniel Rollins
Corinne Bahr Abby Skousen Joshua Rasmussen Kohler Simons
Hannah Brower Emma Watts Mark Foster Matthew Russon
Katelyn Hansen Heidi Zaugg Nathanial Hanna McKay Barton
Kennedy Hawkins Kaylie Wright Tanner Pruett Robert Bull
Lauren Holmstead Kensie Terry Taylor Buss Tanner Wyatt
Rachel Brockbank Mary MacGillvray Tyler Shirk
November 12

Scales and Key Signature Studying

Links to the answers to these questions-

What the heck is a sharp/flat/accidental/half-step?

How do I make a major scale?

What is the point of key signatures/what is the order of sharps and flats?


How do I determine the name of a key signature?

C Major has no sharps or flats, and F Major has one flat. All others can follow these formulae-

Sharps- the last sharp is “ti”. To find the name of the key, take the final sharp and go up half a step.

Flats– The second to last flat is “do.” The name of the key is the penultimate flat. All flat key signatures have “flat” added to their name. A flat, B flat, D flat, G flat, etc.

October 8

Quiz Reminder

When we return from break, we’ll be having a quick note-name assessment to reassess student mastery. If you already achieved mastery on note names for treble and bass clef, you do not need to take the quiz again. If you need to to study, please refer to this lesson for review. To check your understanding, try out the exercise found here. Once you pass this quiz, we can move on to key signatures and major scales!

September 18


Congratulations, and thank you to everyone who applied!



  • President
    • Abby Ball
  • Vice President
    • Corinne Bahr
  • Section Leader
    • Lauren Holmstead (soprano 1)
    • Remaining Section Leaders (TBA)


  • President
    • Scotty Fletcher
  • Vice President
    • Maddie Beck
  • Section Leader
    • Mikayla Baxter (S2)
    • Josh Rasmussen (tenor)
    • Rebecca Stoliker (S1)
    • Tanner Wyatt (baritone)
    • McKay Barton (bass)
    • Lauren Smith (alto)

Men’s Choir

  • President
    • Jordan Heath
  • Vice President
    • Caleb Estes
  • Section Leader
    • Daniel Rollins (bass)
    • Tanner Pruett (tenor 2)
    • Scott Belliston (tenor 1)
    • Bobby Bull (baritone)


  • President
    • McKay Barton
  • Vice President
    • Grayson Stewart
  • Section Leader
    • Reed Collins (baritone)
    • Chloe Blackburn (soprano)
    • Josh Stokes (bass)
    • Kensie Terry (alto)
    • Josh Jackson (tenor)

Crew Chief- Spencer Callister and Brandon Rollins

Librarians- Hannah Brower, Rebecca Stoliker, Chloe Blackburn, and Emily Hunton