Choirs 2019-20

Congratulations to those who are on the lists! Choirs are growing next year, and I’m thrilled about the improvement this program is making.

A Cappella 2019-20
Soprano Alto Tenor Bass
Brooklyn Andrus Jaide Allred Tim Branton Kabe Breckenridge
Emmalee Baker Kiersten Boyd Ian Cardenas Austin Dallin
Brooke Barzee Rikki Covington Casey Chapman Zakery Fonnesbeck
Meriahca Baron Teanna Crofts Colton Evans Bryson Grasteit
Ashlyn Barry Emma Eccles Elijah Hanna Devin Hall
Katie Carey Savannah Eggett Brooklyn Hard Ethan Heath
Alyssa Eav Nicole Ellsworth Nathan Imbler Caleb Jackson
Kendall Everett Sadie Flitton CharLee Lisonbee Jeff Nielsen
Maggie Frederickson Ella Gross Caden McCloy Josh Price
Annalee Gray Paige Haddon Nathan Rencher
Abigail Hampton Sidney Harper Zane Smederovac
Madison Hansen Aubree Hunsaker Connor Talbot
Hannah Harris Gabby Layton Jaden Young
Faythe Holt Abby Lund
Hannah Hunton Erika Matthews
Grace Isom Sarah Newbry
Briauna Lundquist McCall Perry
Kirstyn Nuttall Jasmine Peterson
Averie Pratt Ashley Poole
Tea Randall Olivia Robison
Abbie Shumway Alyssa Simmonds
Emma Whipple Jessica Szoke
Mandi Zaugg


Encore 2019-20
Soprano Alto Tenor Bass
Haylie Dallin Savannah Eggett Ian Cardenas Kabe Breckenridge
Abigail Hampton Kendall Everett Elijah Hanna Zakery Fonnesbeck
Madison Hansen Sidney Harper Brooklyn Hard Bryson Grasteit
Hannah Hunton Sarah Newbry Nathan Imbler Devin Hall
Grace Isom Kirstyn Nuttall CharLee Lisonbee Caleb Jackson
Briauna Lundquist Olivia Robison Caden McCloy Jeff Nielsen
Tea Randall Alyssa Simmonds Nathan Rencher
Emma Whipple Mandi Zaugg Zane Smederovac

Additional Instructions

If you are not currently registered:

Please go to the counseling office and talk to the lady at the front desk. If you ask nicely, she will switch your schedule around for you. A Cappella is offered B6, and Encore is offered B7.


*Remember: Encore members are expected to be in Encore AND A Cappella. You should have spoken with me already if this is going to be an issue for you.


Ladies that were not accepted to a choir that they would like to be in:

Please know that I do my best to be objective! My decisions are not personal. I have many qualified ladies and not enough qualified men. So, if you are able to find a male student that can make it into the choir you wanted to be in, bring them to me, and I might be able to get you in the class because I will be able to balance the choir.


If you are not on the list and believe I made a mistake in not adding you to the list:

I make mistakes all the time! Send me an email at and I will confirm my choice or correct my error.


If you have not auditioned but would like to:

I do auditions year-round! Please send me an email at or talk to me in my office, and I will gladly hear you sing.


I look forward to a great year with all of you! Have a fantastic spring break!


Ms. Bennett (MOM)

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