Choirs 2020-21

Dear students and parents,

I am so terribly sorry that putting these lists together has taken so long. As many of you know based on personal experience, doing auditions virtually has been a big struggle for many people. I have done my best to get all of the auditions that I could before posting these lists, and that is why it took so long. However, keep in mind that these lists are a work in progress and are not final. I will be doing more auditions in the fall and am happy to re-audition students as well.

I am not sure what school will look like in the Fall, but I’ve decided to continue with business as usual until I am told otherwise. I’m hopeful that we’ll be able to meet together and actually do what choirs were created to do! Choir online just doesn’t have the same awesomeness. 🙂

Now, before I post the lists, I have a few pieces of information that I need to share.


If you are not currently registered:

You will need to contact the counseling office to change your schedule. A Cappella is offered B6, and Encore is offered B7.

*Remember: Encore members are expected to be in Encore AND A Cappella. You should have spoken with me already if this is going to be an issue for you.


Ladies that were not accepted to a choir that they would like to be in:

Please know that I do my best to be objective! My decisions are not personal. I have many qualified ladies and not enough qualified men. So, if you are able to find a male student that can make it into the choir you wanted to be in, bring them to me, and I might be able to get you in the class because I will be able to balance the choir.


If you are not on the list and believe I made a mistake in not adding you to the list:

I make mistakes all the time! Send me an email at and I will confirm my choice or correct my error.


If you have not auditioned but would like to:

I do auditions year-round! Please send me an email at or talk to me in my office (when school starts), and I will gladly hear you sing.


Now, for the lists! You are welcome to peruse and let me know if you have any questions.

I hope you’re having a wonderful summer!


Mrs. Monica Dean

Current Lists

A Cappella 2020-21

Soprano Alto Tenor Bass
Meriahca Baron Grace Archuleta Casey Chapman David Mefford
Brooke Barzee Alyssa Beck Nathan Imbler Jeff Nielsen
Callie Brinkerhoff Nicole Ellsworth Elden Lapray Dan Prestwich
Alyssa Eav Kaylee Harding James Roberts
Kali Edwards Madison Leake Jarom Shaw
Kinzee Fonnesbeck Erika Matthews Carter Shoell
Abigail Hampton Allison Nielson Jaden Young
Kathryn Hansen McCall Perry
Hannah Harris Kaylee Peterson
Kaydance Johanson Ashley Poole
Claire Pettit Vanessa Ricketts
Tea Randall Katherine Roberts
Abigail Shumway Allison Shepherd
Emma Whipple Dallas Terry
Makelle Ware
Mandi Zaugg

Students that are registered for A Cappella, but haven’t auditioned OR students that ned to complete their audition:

Emily Craig Emma Eccles Seth Smither Dylan Barney
Ali Lundquist Sadie Flitton Tristan White
Alyson Newman
Hope Baron


Encore 2020-21

Soprano Alto Tenor Bass
Claire Pettit Alyssa Beck Casey Chapman David Mefford
Tea Randall Abigail Hampton Nathan Imbler Jeffrey Nielsen
Abigail Shumway Erika Matthews Elden Lapray Daniel Prestwich
Emma Whipple Ashley Poole Jarom Shaw
Mandi Zaugg Carter Shoell
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