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Autoboyography by Christina Lauren is a book that follows a young bi boy named Tanner and his life in Provo Utah.  It doesn’t take a detective to discover that this book primarily focus’s on the issues members of the LGBTQ+ community face. One of the biggest things the book covers is tanners fear to be himself because of his sexuality which is an issue because no one should have to feel like they have to hide.

One of the first ever recorded gay rights movement was the society of human rights started by Henry Gerber in 1924. Whats being done right now is there are still Lgtbq movements going on to support the community such as pride month and protests. Despite these things unfortunately discrimination will always be a thing. I like the way the author is portraying this social. injustice because its in a very subtle way. Tanner isn’t being constantly bullied and receiving death threats, he instead is just having to hide himself away from the world. This shows that even if the community isnt out right being harassed there are still things happening that is an injustice to them.

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The lovely bones is about a girl named Susie Salmon who is raped and murdered. Susie goes to heaven and watches as her family deals with her death. Why in heaven susie also has to come to terms with her own death and she does this by meeting some of her murders past victims. I really enjoyed this book and the movie although i feel like the movie missed some important details as most movies do. I discovered this book because I watched the movie first. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes mystery books even though it will break your heart.

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Mongolia has not had anything interesting reported since 2018, so I decided to use this video transcript as my news article because it’s mildly interesting. The article talks about Mongolian bands and their journey with rock music. The beginning of the video focuses on one group in particular and about their music style and what it means to them. Later in the article, it focus’s on what Mongolian rock music means to the country itself.
Until 1924 Mongolia was a Communist country, but when its leader died, it was taken over by the Mongolians People Republic and made a socialist country. Sixty-eight years later, when the soviet union collapsed, many Mongolians began up a peaceful democratic revolution and eventually won in 1992. The article talks about people in those times and how they felt and how rock music helped influence the revolution. When rock and roll began to get famous, the government tried to control it by creating and funding there own band so they could control the music being produced. But this action only fueled others to create there own music and distribute it secretly to speak out against the government. One Mongolian citizen recalls the time saying, “I grew up standing in line for meat and milk and bread, you know? When I heard about the market economy and when I heard about freedom and human rights and all these things, I just thought, “This is it.” In the communist time, you should say only nice things about your country or about your mother or about your party. But you were not allowed to express other opinions. So that’s why the freedom of speech and rock music is very much connected.” Through rock and roll, the country found a way to peacefully speak about all the problems they saw, thus helping further their peaceful Democratic Revolution.
Mongolia hasn’t Impacted the USA but more the other way around because there rock N roll was inspired by western music. I mentioned previously that Mongolia had had nothing interesting reported since 2018. But, after talking to my dad, who served his mission there, he informed me that a lot is going on there right now, but the media reported on it is highly filtered. Because of that, I, unfortunately, have not been too successful in finding information, and so on an outsider’s point of view, Mongolia is doing fine.

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my choices for the project was that I basically just followed the rubric you had. I really liked the book even though I love romance I don’t really read it so this was a new genre for me and I can confirm I did not hate it.

Blog post #4: Back ground information

Mongolia is a landlocked country located between China and Russia. Ulaanbaatar is the capital of Mongolia and the largest city in Mongolia with a population of 1.452 million people which is nearly half of the 3.076 million people who live in Mongolia. The second-largest city in Mongolia is Erdenet and was founded to exploit the area’s huge deposits of copper and molybdenum ore. To this day Erdenet still has a giant ore-mining and ore-dressing complex. In Mongolia, Buddhism is the most practiced religion and Mongolian is the most spoken language. And that’s a little bit about Mongolia so yep there is that congrats you made it through that terrible paragraph.


Salt to the Sea By Ruta Sepetys is a historical fiction novel set during World War Two The book follows four main characters named Joana a Lithuanian refugee, Emilia a polish refugee, Florian a german artist, and Alfred a die-hard nazi. The book is shown in each of the perspectives of the characters as they make their way to the Wilhelm Gustolf. Salt to the sea will take you on a ride of emotions as you follow their adventure and watch as they sail to their inevitable doom. I really love the book Salt to the sea I read it for a school project not expecting much but I was pleasantly surprised by how much I loved this book. I would recommend Salt To The Sea to anyone who enjoys Historical fiction and wants to learn about this fascinating event.

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I chose to describe Nightweilder with the following attributes, Not a nice guy, an epic, Steel hearts right-hand man, like batman, and classy. Nightweilder isn’t a very nice guy and its because he is an epic. He is Steel hearts right-hand man and that also contributes to him not being a very nice guy because Steelheart isn’t very nice either. I chose that he looks like batman and looks classy because of the way he is described in the book.
I chose to describe Prof as a teacher, friend, and teacher. I chose to describe him as a leader because David and all the reckoners look up to him. I described him as a friend because he is also a friend to all the reckoners and David and they are like an awkward family. I chose to describe him as a teacher because he is literally a teacher but also because he taught the reckoners.

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I have not had a good reads account before but I think I will use it a lot now that I have it. I always am trying to find new good books to read so I think having good reads will help me find them quicker. One of the books recommended to me was Little prince I personally would like to read this book. My goal is to read 12 books this year because there are 12 months in a year so I can finish a book once a month

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The Salt to the sea was a thrilling story that sucked me in right from the very beginning. I loved the historical aspect of the book I found it all so interesting to learn about the effects the war had on countries other then America. The only thing that made me mad was the character Alfred, he was gross and creepy and all together a terrible person. The entire book is pretty sad but i feel as though the saddest part for me was when the shoe poet drowned. One thing that made me angry in the book was the rude big lady she was always just so rude and I didn’t like her at all. The line “I wept because i had no shoes, until i met a man who had no feet.” really stuck with me because it just shows that you may think you have it rough but there is always some one worse off then you. I feel like in my history class I was never educated on the effects of wars in other countries so this book was a real eye opener. I really enjoyed the book and would recommend it to any one who loves history.

Book Club Response 2

I have finished the Salt To The Sea but I will recap the final chapters. The Wilhelm Gustloff sunk and two of our main characters have tragically died. Emilia and Alfred died together and as romantic as that sounds to some it was quite the opposite. Alfred attempted to murder Emilia but slipped and hit his head and died. Soon after Emilia passed away as well from freezing to death. Joanna and Florian survived and took in Emilia’s child and the lost boy and raised them in America.
Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make my podcast with my group but the scene that I chose is when the ship sinks. I chose this scene because it is the climax of the story. The entire book is leading up to this very moment because that’s what the story is based on. The Salt To The Sea is based on the sinking of the Wilhelm Gustolff. The ship was originally a cruise ship but was modified to carry refugees and soldiers in the Baltic Sea. On its voyage, it was attacked by Russian Submarines. There were already limited lifeboats on the ship but once it started sinking it crushed several lifeboats making it harder to save people. An estimated 9000 people died that day due to the lack of life boats and the temperatures of the water.