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Autoboyography by Christina Lauren is a book that follows a young bi boy named Tanner and his life in Provo Utah.  It doesn’t take a detective to discover that this book primarily focus’s on the issues members of the LGBTQ+ community face. One of the biggest things the book covers is tanners fear to be himself because of his sexuality which is an issue because no one should have to feel like they have to hide.

One of the first ever recorded gay rights movement was the society of human rights started by Henry Gerber in 1924. Whats being done right now is there are still Lgtbq movements going on to support the community such as pride month and protests. Despite these things unfortunately discrimination will always be a thing. I like the way the author is portraying this social. injustice because its in a very subtle way. Tanner isn’t being constantly bullied and receiving death threats, he instead is just having to hide himself away from the world. This shows that even if the community isnt out right being harassed there are still things happening that is an injustice to them.

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