I’m a Big Kid Now!

Looking back on this school year, I think my biggest accomplishment was being able to stay positive and being willing to learn throughout my freshman year. I eventually became so accustomed to learning that I got ahead in my classes and was able to take some online ones. My counselors noticed that I got so ahead and are allowing me to graduate my junior year. I’ve been given the opportunity to grow and learn more than I ever thought I could, and I’m excited to get a head start on my life:)

Secret Secrets Are No Fun; Secret Secrets Hurt Someone

Why do people keep secrets when there’s an obvious solution? People keep their secrets to themselves because they’re afraid of what the outcome may be. Sometimes people keep secrets to avoid conflict or to avoid getting in trouble. But in reality, secrets always end with someone getting hurt. In the beginning of Romeo and Juliet, Romeo crashes the Montague’s party and when Capulet sees him all he has to say is, he’s a good kid, let him enjoy himself. Then later as Capulet is trying to find a fitting suitor for Juliet he says that he just wants the best for her. If she had told her dad early on about falling in love with Romeo they wouldn’t be having any problems. Romeo and Juliet are keeping their marriage a secret because they’re afraid their families will keep them apart, but it gets to the point where they’re keeping so many secrets they can’t trust anyone. Juliet’s circle of trust continues to get smaller and smaller, and eventually Friar Lawrence is the only person she can turn to for advice. Likewise, if you tell someone earlier on about your dilemma, it tends to fix the problem. But if do choose to make it a secret, eventually you’ll have almost nobody you can turn to.

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Love Moderately

In Act 2, Scene 6, just before Friar Lawrence marries Romeo and Juliet he tells them this: These violent delights have violent ends,
And in their triumph die; like fire and powder,
Which, as they kiss, consume. The sweetest honey
Is loathsome is his own deliciousness,
And in the taste confounds the appetite.
Therefore love moderately: long love doth so;
Too swift arrives as tardy as too slow.
Moderation means to not do something to the extreme, Friar Lawrence is trying to tell them that marriage is the beginning of your problems, not the end of them. They are so caught up in the excitement of marrying each other, that they don’t realize what’s actually going on. They need to slow down and think about what’s happening. I think it’s safe to say that in this story, they don’t exactly listen to the advice. Romeo does everything with extreme intensity, and the way he does things affects Juliet, as she begins to follow in his footsteps, mimicking his unstable state of jumping to conclusions. When Romeo thinks Juliet is dead, his immediate response is to kill himself, Juliet later finds him and does exactly what he did, she kills herself. Now both lovers are dead, and it’s all because they were incapable of loving moderately.

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Why is it so easy to hate each other? My view on it is that people tend to have positive illusions about people they’re close with or “ingroups” and negative illusions about people they don’t know as well or “outgroups”. We see our own groups’ moral values as more desirable and superior over others. In other words, we’re automatically suspicious of outgroup members’ values and intentions; they are at best misguided, and at worst they’re bluntly terrible people. This enables ruthless behavior against anyone not in our ingroup. With a few acceptions, hatred is irrational, and there’s no good reason for actually hating someone. For the most part, I think hatred is just second hand nature, if your not close to someone and you see them doing something that isn’t practical for you or your ingroup you automatically assume they must be wrong. Another reason for hatred is jealousy, when someone becomes jealous they mistake it for hatred.

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Everything I Know or Think I Know About Shakespear

William Shakespeare was born in the mid-1500s and died in the early 1600s. His name could have been spelled like Shakespeare as well as Shakspere. He was an English poet, dramatist, as well as an actor. In addition to this, some consider him to be the best dramatist and English poet in history. A famous saying about Shakespeare was that he was “not of an age, but for all time”. Meaning that he didn’t just write plays for when and where he lived, all of his writings were intended to be timeless. Many people question that Shakespeare’s plays were actually originals because of how well written they were, he grew up in a low-class family and never left the country, but he wrote about royalty and about the world. He wrote some poetry and historic pieces as well as comedies but was most famous for the tragedy, ‘Romeo and Juliet’. More popular plays he wrote include, but are not limited to, Hamlet, Macbeth, As You Like It, Antony And Cleopatra, as well as Othello.

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Self Assessment

Being able to self assess your own work allows you to grow within your writing abilities. Instead of just receiving feedback as well as commentary about what you need to fix or what you did wrong, you get to find the mistakes for yourself, which can lead to a better overall understanding of what your writing needs to have in order to meet the general success standards, and could even affect the consistency in which you write. So instead of having an average proficiency or even slightly below average proficiency because of the small mistakes you make that continue to add up, you could have a high proficiency because when you self assess, you gradually learn to fix the little mistakes while you’re writing, instead of the teacher finding them and having to point them out to you later on. Self assessment also results in individuality, when you’re forced to find the mistakes on your own it also forces your mind into a different perspective.

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Thoughts, Questions, and Epiphanies

After reading To Kill A Mockingbird, as well as The Help, I’ve come to the realization that what life was like when these books are taken place, isn’t that far off from what life is like today. I feel like a lot of people consider these books to be history and a life lesson, they view the stories within these pages as another world and another time. But what they don’t consider is that the life they’re living is repeated history. Many events in the book are things that happen in your every day life that you may not even realize. For example, treating people disrespectfully and unfairly has become a consistent thing in today’s world. In both of these books, the black people were not given a fair chance and weren’t given the respect that they deserved. Similarly, today people that are part of the LGBTQ+ community are treated with the same unfairness that the blacks were treated with.

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Good Stuff from To Kill a Mockingbird

On page 246 of To Kill a Mockingbird, Miss Maudie is conversing with Jem and they begin to talk about the case. Jem mentions that nobody did anything to help Tom Robinson, and Miss Maudie’s response was that it was no mistake that Atticus was named to defend him, and that no other man could have kept the jury out for so long, and she concludes with “well, we’re making a step–it’s just a baby step, but it’s a step.” Miss Maudie knows that there was no coincidence in the fact that they asked Atticus to defend Tom Robinson. Nobody else could’ve had the jury second guess themselves as much as Atticus did, which must mean that there are other people that don’t want to call him out as guilty just because of his skin color. That people, even if it’s just a few, want to see past race, and they can come to the realization that life has a much bigger meaning.

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An Authority on Courage and Integrity

Whilst facing a tough decision that would require a lot of courage and integrity, I went to my sister, and this is what she had to say about the situation, “Every decision you make requires you to be courageous, especially if you choose to do the right thing. But if you can learn to face your fear of whatever may come next, the decision won’t be very hard to make. All of the choices you decide to make will have an effect on the rest of your life, and once you’ve made the choice, you can’t go back. So if you learn to let go of what was, accept what is, and have faith in what will be, you’ll have the courage that you need to do the right thing. Tracy’s dad from Hairspray once said, “Do it now, or forever wish you had.” If you don’t do the right thing when it’s obviously needed, you’ll forever regret not doing something about it when you had the chance.”

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Blind Spots

In terms of driving, a blind spot is an area around a vehicle that cannot be directly observed by the driver while at the controls, under existing circumstances. In the book To Kill A Mockingbird, a group of men, including Mr. Cunningham, go to the jailhouse to lynch Tom Robinson. But are stopped by the innocence of Scout as she runs into the situation. Afterwards, Atticus mentions that Mr. Cunningham is “basically a good man” and that he “just has his blind spots along with the rest of us”. Mr. Cunningham was generally a “good” person, but got caught up in the anger of the group of men. He didn’t realize what was actually going on until he was put in Atticus’ shoes. Back to the original topic of blind spots, just like while driving, sometimes we can’t see whats really happening in that area. Mr. Cunningham was simply just following the crowd because Tom Robinson was in his blind spot.

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