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Does Where I’m From Determine Who I am?

I think where you come from may determine how your lifestyle is like how you live. For example people in Africa are different than us in Utah because they grew up different than us. Like in the poem “Where I’m From” she talks about how she grew up. Like people that live on a farm will always remember growing up on a farm and stuff. I’ll never forget how I grew up. I think where you come from determines how you may live but not who you are in the inside.

Hello world!

Hi. Welcome to my blog. I’m Liberty.  On this blog I am going to write about English because this for my English class. I am also going to write about other random stuff. I’m not really good at doing a blog and it’s not fun but I have to anyway so I my as well try to make this somewhat good. I don’t really know what to write about. And that’s all I have to write about. smileyfaceemoji222smileyfaceemoji