To Kill a mocking bird review

To kill a mocking bird is mostly about 2 kids (scout and jem) and their dad (atticus) that live in Alabama along with their friend dill. The book talks a lot about what life is like in their town Maycomb. Their neighbor Boo Radley plays a big part as well as the trial. It starts off by saying “When he was nearly thirteen, my brother jem got his arm badly broken.” It gets complicated because I didn’t see how boo and the trial and the dog really had to do with each other. I think when the book was new more people probably understood it more than we do now. I think the book does not live up to it’s reputation it was kinda confusing. I do think for a book that old it’s pretty good. I would recommend the book to really anyone who enjoys reading.

I think the movie and the book are almost two different things. The film did get the main characters and the basic idea. It strengthen the story by keeping the most important stuff. I don’t have a favorite part but I think they could’ve done a better job on when jem and scout are walking and bob ewell attacks them. The biggest thing that was left out was when Mrs. Maudie’s house catches on fire. I would recommend the film to my grandpa because he’s pretty old and would enjoy a black and white film.

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