March 2018 archive

what i learned about people

I learned a lot from the assignment. I realized we’re not all that different from each other. Most times we’re more alike then we would think. I also noticed that we often think everyone else has “perfect” lives by looking at someone’s instagram when really nobody is perfect. It was also a fun assignment it wasn’t super hard like an essay. Like Mr. Green said it gives us an opportunity to get to know new people even if you don’t end up being friends with them. We’re all going through life together and sometimes it can get hard. That’s mostly everything I learned. 

What I Don’t Know About the People in This Class

I don’t know much about people in this class. I think we all see the outward appearance of everyone and maybe assume things about them that most of the time it isn’t true. Everyone has a different story. We need to all take time to get to know one another and once we do that we may notice a lot of us have a similar story. We will all stop judging each other once we understand where the other person is coming from. We may look at someone and assume something from the way the look but a lot of times what we “see” isn’t always true. 

Work Will Work When Wishy Washy Wishing Will Not

There’s a lot of thing’s I could really work on but I think I need to work on reading more books. I’ve finished two books this year and I really want to read at least one or two more books before the year is over. First I will find some really good books that I think I would like. Next I’ll try to make time to read outside of English class. I go to my cabin a lot on the weekends and so that would be a good time to read. Last I will actually read the books! Hopefully I can finish my goal!