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The Future

The world in 75 years is going to be so much different. I think this could go many different directions. I think people will be really really lazy because by then there will be so many advances in technology and stuff no one will have to do anything for themselves. The population will probably be really big so families will be smaller to keep population down. Houses will mostly be tall apartment buildings because of the population. I think there’s not much different transportation could be but I’m thinking every car will be able to drive themselves. I picture everyone being selfish and lazy. No one has to cook for themselves I’m sure they’re will be some machine that cleans up your messes. I think the culture will be different. There will probably be new activities people do for fun. I think people with bad social skills with only grow because of the technology. In conclusion it will be a very different place

Free write Egregious and Havoc

When I was driving home from my sister’s house there was a HUGE agregious traffic jam. It was the longest traffic jam I’ve ever been in. It was a place of havoc. It was in spanish fork canyon and it was 2 hrs long. Everyone in the traffic wasn’t happy and they were very irritated. My brother that was driving got really mad when cars would drive on the side of the rode to where the cause of the traffic was and get back in the lane. It was very boring and agregious I I really hope that wont happen again. This story is really boring. 

What have I been reading?

The book I’m reading right now is Plain Truth by Jodi Picoult. So far the book is about how a dead newborn baby was found in an Amish barn covered. The suspect is the 18 year old daughter (Katie Fisher) that is unmarried that lives on the farm. Ellie a big city attorney is sent to the farm to help Katie defend her case and stay on the farm to keep an eye on Katie. All Katie wants is someone to believe her. The book is pretty good I would recommend it. It is a little confusing at first. I couldn’t really find a picture of the book but I found one with another book. 

What Kind of Writer Am I?

I would say I’m not the best writer. I hate writing essays. I think I hate them because most of the time they have to be a certain amount of pages and I’m not good at thinking enough stuff to put in an essay. I need to improve most on having more ideas to put in an essay before I start. I also seem to always use the same words over and over so I need to work on thinking of new words. I don’t think there’s anything about writing that I’m good at, I think I’m pretty good at capitalizing but that’s about it. What use is essay writing? I think it gets you to get creative and get your brain working. The goal I have are to get a good list of ideas before I start writing. 

why we tell stories

We tell stories for many reasons. We tell stories for entertainment but we also tell personal stories. Reading stories or books help us learn more things. Reading books and poems help us learn how to read and also how to write stories. I think we mostly tell stories to see other people enjoy our stories. Stories are important to us because with out them we wouldn’t be able to learn very much. Some people tell stories because it’s their hobbie while others tell stories just to tell them. I think we tell stories because we like to see other people learn and enjoy our stories we tell. 

Letter To Me

If I were to re-write my letter to me I would tell myself that I would make all new friends and that my year would be GREAT! The advice I would put is probably don’t get caught in drama because it only turns out bad. What advice I would give myself for next year would be have fun because you can never come back to this day again and to just make more friends because really the only reason school is fun is friends. And I would say get better grades than 8th grade and try harder. My hopes and dreams for the future are to make the advanced drill dance team with my same team and to work harder at dance. I can’t wait to read this next year! Even though I’ll probably think why in the world would I put that!

Write About Your Reading

My strengths as a reader are I can read at a pretty good pace although I could be faster. I like to read drama books/romantic books. I also like to read history books like the Rush Revere books or the book Too Stubborn To Die. I’ve read some really good books this year but my top 3 books I really liked is Dear John, Rush Revere, and Tell Me Three Things. I think my all time favorite book I read this year is Dear John. I really liked the twist at the ending and how after every chapter my perspective on thing’s would change. The ending for sure made me think weather I was fine with it or not. Overall I really liked the way it made me think but the way it ended was quite sad.

I plan on reading more genre’s because I find myself reading the same kind of books again and again. My reading score at the end of the year is 1222 and my reading level at the beginning of the year was 1132. I improved so that is good. Last summer I didn’t read at all and this summer I plan to finish at least one or two books. I don’t want to think about starting school again but I will tell my 9th grade teacher the kinds of books I like to read (drama and historical fiction) and I hope to tell my teacher I finished at least one book during the summer.

Book Write #6

I’m not quite sure if this is right but I was thinking about the theme in Dear John and I was thinking that the biggest theme the author wants it’s reader to know is: Love can turn from good to bad and all confusing in a heart beat. The author explains this well in the book because John and Savannah had everything together. John had a plan of what he wanted after war was over. He knew that Savannah was his only love and he was going to marry her. Everything was good until Savannah sent a letter starting with Dear John. She broke his heart and she knew she did. I didn’t like what Savannah did and it made me SO mad but in the end I knew as much as John wanted it he knew he couldn’t change her feelings. The author gives a lot of detail on how John is feeling and it’s really sad honestly.

Book Write #5

There isn’t many clues or important objects in Dear John, but I found a few. The first one I thought of was the full moon. While John is away he makes a promise with Savannah that every time there’s a full moon that he would think of her and she would think of him. The full moon represents the love they have for each other and forgetting one another can’t and won’t happen. The second important object or objects are John’s dad’s coin collection. Throughout the book I didn’t think much about the coin collection I didn’t think it had much to do with how the ending turned out. But in the end John decides to sell his dad’s collection (except his coin) to help Tim get the medical help he needed.

The cover of my book has changed but I’m going to explain the copy I have. The book cover of Dear John is a picture of John and Savannah sitting together. You can see the white sandy beaches in the background and fall grass around them. It’s a very calming cover. Based of the cover I think it shows that John and Savannah are the most important things in the book. I think the book was marketed to girls because by looking at the cover you can tell it’s a love story. If I could change the cover I would have the letter Savannah sent John somewhere on the front. I think it would tie in the whole Dear John thing.


Book Write #4

The first plot Device in Dear John would be transformation because when John was a teenager he went very downhill and lost respect for his dad but once he had a small change of heart he began to understand his dad a little better. The second would be love because John and Savannah fall in love it’s pretty simple. Third is sacrifice because as much as Savannah loved John she knew their relationship wouldn’t be able to hold up and how much Tim and Allan needed her. Fourth is Maturation because John kinda grows up and had a big change of heart for many people. His love for his dad grows and his compassion for other people grows because of Tim. Even though John knows how much his dad’s coins ment to him he knows Tim’s life is more important.

John’s goals in Dear John don’t really exist at least nothing about goals are mentioned in the book. The problem John struggles to over come is his love, care, and ability to not let go of Savannah. John can’t seem to let Savannah go. At some point he finally realizes that he can’t let himself pine for something he can’t have. The obstacles that keep John from letting go is pretty much himself. His thoughts seem to wander. I think the conflict type in Dear John is Person against self because John struggles to get over or forget his relationship with Savannah and how their lives might have been if he wouldn’t had re-enlisted.

Because the conflict in Dear John can’t really make a favorite part I’ll just tell you all my favorite parts in dear john. When John’s dad gets really sick I love how caring and kind hearted John can really be deep down. I love how John’s love for other people begin to show more throughout the book.

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