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Loyalty and Violence

I think that the greasers need to stop fighting because there’s no point in fighting because they don’t even have a reason to fight. Fighting will only stir up more tension and cause more trouble between the greasers and the Soc’s. Even though they’re loyal to their group they need to maybe make friends with the other side and at least get to know them because then they’ll maybe wonder why they fought and didn’t like each other in the first place. 

He Ain’t a Soc, He’s Just a Guy

I think to look past the names people call other people you need to forget the names. Some people are like I want to be friends with the popular people but really you can be friends with whoever. In stead of labeling people when you think of them just try to be nice to everyone and talk to them and get to know them because maybe when you talk to them they might not be like the label you always think of them as. So, I think you should forget the labels and get to know other people and you’ll forget that you even called them something.

Nothing Gold Can Stay

I think the poem from the Outsider’s mean that not everything good can stay forever. Like in the book Poneyboy had a pretty good life that he liked and it was perfect but then his parents died and him and his brothers were on their own. The poem shows that not everything that’s good can stay forever and always. Nothing Gold can stay means nothing good can stay there forever, at some point it will go (1)

Turning Things Around

How can you turn your life around and change your life for the better? If you are on drugs or something bad then you should get help to get off it and after that your life can go any direction. If you put your mind to something than you can change your life for the better. If you keep the same old bad life than you don’t have a chance of getting a better life unless you try.

Who Do I Rely On?

When thing’s get rough who do I turn to or ask for help? If I am having a bad day or something I’ll mostly tell my parents or my siblings it just depends on who’s home at the time. If I tell my mom she’ll sometimes take me to get a treat or something. If I tell my dad he just says suck it up and that I’m fine. If I tell my siblings than they don’t really care weather I’m happy or sad because they only care about themselves.

Does Where I’m From Determine Who I am?

I think where you come from may determine how your lifestyle is like how you live. For example people in Africa are different than us in Utah because they grew up different than us. Like in the poem “Where I’m From” she talks about how she grew up. Like people that live on a farm will always remember growing up on a farm and stuff. I’ll never forget how I grew up. I think where you come from determines how you may live but not who you are in the inside.

Hello world!

Hi. Welcome to my blog. I’m Liberty.  On this blog I am going to write about English because this for my English class. I am also going to write about other random stuff. I’m not really good at doing a blog and it’s not fun but I have to anyway so I my as well try to make this somewhat good. I don’t really know what to write about. And that’s all I have to write about. smileyfaceemoji222smileyfaceemoji

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