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An Authority on Courage- The Goonies

When I think of someone that has a lot of courage I think of the movie the goonies lol. Let’s say for example a friend of mine has to do something and it requires a lot of courage and they need someone to help them get enough courage to do it. The goonies would say, “Don’t doubt yourself go have an adventure. Think about what you’ll get in the end. It’ll be something you’ll talk about forever.” I chose the goonies as a group of people with a lot of courage because they could’ve given up and went back home but they didn’t and it’s one of my favorite movies!


I feel like if Atticus feels it would be the “right” thing to do to defend the case then he should do it even if he’s gonna loose. If it truly isn’t the black man’s fault then Atticus should sacrifice nearly anything for what he believes in. I think that is Atticus is willing to risk his reputation and reputation of his family to defend the black man then it shows how caring and strong Atticus is. I think if it’s morally the right thing to do then Atticus should risk his family. I really like how Atticus doesn’t care what others think as long as he’s doing the right thing nothing else matters. 

Climbing into other people’s skin

In the book I think what Atticus means by you should climb into other people’s skin is not literally climbing into their skin but sincerely understanding and feeling the same way someone else does. Not only will this help Scout get along with others but I think it’s a good message for all of us. It will help scout get along with others when she starts actually understanding others and not judging them before she knows their situation. Sometimes I see somebody I don’t even know and judge tthem but I have to remember I don’t know their situation maybe their going through a hard time. But when I take the time to get to know them and walk in their shoes and get a feel for how they feel I end up making a new friend. I think if we all took the time to walk in the shoes of someone else we could make new friends.

Promoting Change

I believe it is our responsibility to promote change. If we notice something wrong with perhaps the government and how we are being treated we should be able to say how we feel but in a way that doesn’t cause any harm to anyone or anything. We are lucky to be able to have the freedoms here in America to show how we feel unlike other countries that don’t have that right. I do think if someone is destroying anything or hurting anyone showing how they feel then that shouldn’t be allowed. Overall I do think it’s a good idea to let people show how they feel in a way that doesn’t harm anything. 

Thanksgiving Word of the Week

I can’t wait for thanksgiving! No school is the best part! We usually have all my family from out of town stay at my house and some of them are annoying so I’m a very recluse person when they come to stay. Most of the time my mom and older sisters make thanksgiving dinner. Even though most of the food is repugnant I’m still forced to eat it so I don’t make anyone feel bad. After dinner me and one of my sisters have to clean up the dishes while all the adults relax and talk and it’s not fun at all. Anyways I’m excited to have 3 days off of school! 

How I did during first term

Last term I think I did okay not super good but not horrible either. This term I’m going to try to read more books because I’ve been lacking in that area. I still haven’t finished my book yet. I’m a little less than half way done. I think if I take my book home and try to read outside of class that will help me be able to finish more books. I did get all of my assignments turned in before the end of the term so that’s good. I could also work on going the extra mile on all my assignments. But I think I need to work most on finishing my book. 

The Future

The world in 75 years is going to be so much different. I think this could go many different directions. I think people will be really really lazy because by then there will be so many advances in technology and stuff no one will have to do anything for themselves. The population will probably be really big so families will be smaller to keep population down. Houses will mostly be tall apartment buildings because of the population. I think there’s not much different transportation could be but I’m thinking every car will be able to drive themselves. I picture everyone being selfish and lazy. No one has to cook for themselves I’m sure they’re will be some machine that cleans up your messes. I think the culture will be different. There will probably be new activities people do for fun. I think people with bad social skills with only grow because of the technology. In conclusion it will be a very different place

Free write Egregious and Havoc

When I was driving home from my sister’s house there was a HUGE agregious traffic jam. It was the longest traffic jam I’ve ever been in. It was a place of havoc. It was in spanish fork canyon and it was 2 hrs long. Everyone in the traffic wasn’t happy and they were very irritated. My brother that was driving got really mad when cars would drive on the side of the rode to where the cause of the traffic was and get back in the lane. It was very boring and agregious I I really hope that wont happen again. This story is really boring. 

What have I been reading?

The book I’m reading right now is Plain Truth by Jodi Picoult. So far the book is about how a dead newborn baby was found in an Amish barn covered. The suspect is the 18 year old daughter (Katie Fisher) that is unmarried that lives on the farm. Ellie a big city attorney is sent to the farm to help Katie defend her case and stay on the farm to keep an eye on Katie. All Katie wants is someone to believe her. The book is pretty good I would recommend it. It is a little confusing at first. I couldn’t really find a picture of the book but I found one with another book. 

What Kind of Writer Am I?

I would say I’m not the best writer. I hate writing essays. I think I hate them because most of the time they have to be a certain amount of pages and I’m not good at thinking enough stuff to put in an essay. I need to improve most on having more ideas to put in an essay before I start. I also seem to always use the same words over and over so I need to work on thinking of new words. I don’t think there’s anything about writing that I’m good at, I think I’m pretty good at capitalizing but that’s about it. What use is essay writing? I think it gets you to get creative and get your brain working. The goal I have are to get a good list of ideas before I start writing. 

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