Happily Ever After School

I was walking home, it had been a long day.  My bike broke down, so I had to walk home.  When I got home, there was a letter and it was for me.  It said :

” Dear Emma,

You have been invited to go to Happily ever after school.  Sinccerily, Lady Sophie.

I screamed!  I always wanted to go to that school!  I quickly packed my things, then left to tell my best friend, Addy.  Addy has brown hair and a beautiful blue dress.  Addy had the same idea, she also got a letter.  We ran into each other to tell one another.  The next day, Addy and I left in a carrige for school.  The school looked like a castle.  The pricipal greeted us with an open heart.  Thats when we were told we are faries! Yay!  Inside the school, there were all sorts of people.  Mermaids, princesses, nice witches, and faires.  I looked out a window, and there are unicorns!  Double yay!  Then I see a sign that says,” Students may pick 1 unicorn as there pet.”  Triple yay!  Addy and I both decide to find our dorms.  We share a dorm with three other people.  We also have bunk beds!  This is the best day ever.  I go over to a bed, but there is someone there?  She sits up, and theres a witch!  She has beautiful, long, blonde hair.  Her clothes are purple.  “I am Emma” I say. ” I am Devery” She says.  We become good friends.  Suddenly the door opens.  A red carpet rolls in, and who should show up, a princess.  She looked very regal in her beautiful pink gown.  Her hair is a strawberry color.  We intorduced ourselves and become friends.  Then a mermaid swims in. The mermaid has red hair, and a purpule tail. Half the school is in water, so mermaids can come.  We introduce again.  The princess’ name is Ellie, and the mermaid is Arrielle.  I decided to go get a unicorn.  I looked at all of them, but only one was my match.  She was small, with long, rainbow hair.  She’s white and has a golden horn.  I choose the name Milley for her.  When I got back, Devery had a black cat, Lucky, Addy had a unicorn, Goldie, Ellie had a unicorn, Ella, and Arrielle had a seahoarse, Coral.  The next day, we went to Happy Ending School  This school is for boys.  Boys don’t like to think too much about the future.  We were introduced to two boys, they are our gurdians.  There was Tim and a boy named James.  James seemed a little strange.  We talked for a little and became friends.  I then dedcided to invite everyone to a beach side picnic.  I made it seem anonomus.  That evening, everyone came, but Devery.  Later Devery came running, She looked quite panicked.  She started yelling,” Ogers! Trolles!  Goblins! oh my!  Their comming!  They already tore down the unicorn stables!”  James tore off his suit, underneath was a ninja suit.  He said,” Lets do this!  To the unicorn stables!  Where are the unicorn stables?”

Good day

I hope you are having a good day.  You look great.  You are the best at what you do.  wish you well


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