Are Books Dangerous?

Back in the days of World War II, I think books were pretty dangerous. Allow me to elaborate. I think that Hitler is scared that people are going to learn about how awful he is through books. I think books are dangerous to citizens of Germany and other Nazi infested areas, because the Nazis don’t want them to have books. The Nazis are known for putting people in concentration camps. Maybe the Nazis put people who have books in concentration camps. Maybe it’s not as bad as concentration camps. They do kill people in concentration camps. You probably still get in trouble for having books though.

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Book Review 1.2

What I Read: I read “The Fixer” by Jennifer Lynn Barnes. It’s realistic fiction. It has 372 pages.

How It Starts: The Main characters name is Tess Kendrick. She lives in a small town in the great state of Montana. Her Grandparents died when she was an infant. Ever since then her and her sister lived with her grandpa… until her sister left and didn’t communicate with Tess for a few  years. After a few years Her sister, Ivy, called about three times. Tess was so mad she didn’t bother to answer the phone once. After that, Ivy shows up at their house in Montana. She takes Tess and Tess’s grandpa to live with her in Washington, D.C. Tess is not happy with it.

How It Gets Complicated: Theodore Marquette of the supreme quart dies. Tess’s friend Vivvie has a superstition about how it happen, and let me tell you, it’s not great.

What I Liked: I liked the setting. I like how Tess got to meet a bunch of famous people from the US government, and everyone else just thought that it was normal life.

What I Disliked: I didn’t love the story. I thought it was kind of odd, and honestly  not my type of story.

Recommendation: I would recommend this book to people who like a good mystery. Also for people that like books about the city.

Deep Thinker 2.1

Source: I got this from “Skulduggery Pleasant,” by Derek Landy.

Quote: “These walls and these floors had seen a lot in their time, and Stephanie was nothing but a faint whisper to the. Here one instant, gone the next.”

Context: Stephanie was walking through her uncles house, and thinking to herself.

This Makes Me Think: That us as human beings aren’t here on this Earth for very long. One instant we are here living our lives, and the next we’re gone. Most of us barely even leave a mark. It’s a bit puzzling to think about how little we are compared to the rest of everything.

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What I Look For In A Good Character

I love it when there is one good character. I don’t like it when books alternate who is speaking in a book. I like it when the main character is around my age. I don’t like to read books when the characters are like eight years old. I also don’t love to read books when the main character is an adult. I think that in order to write a good book, the author needs to understand that not everyone is going to enjoy the way he makes his character. I think that he needs to find a character that he will enjoy and that many other people will also enjoy.

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Word Nerd 1.9

Source: I found this in “The Fixer” by Jennifer Lynn Barnes. It’s on page 24

Context: “Ivy wasn’t deterred.

In Their Words: “Discourage (someone) from doing something by instilling doubt or fear of the consequences.”

In My Words: Stopping someone from doing something by building a mental wall in their head.

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What Power Do Words Have?

Words are one of the most powerful things in the world. Writers can do a lot with words. I was just reading something today, and it made me really sad. Authors can also make you really happy, or even like or not like a character. The people aren’t even real, and we already don’t like them. How do writers do this? I think it’s because words connect with our brain. Our brain connects words like “Cry and die” to sad. Words like “Play and win” are happy. Those are just two simple examples. Words do lots more than we think.

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