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You’ve Got a Friend in Rudy

i think rudy dose all these things because he wants to be nice and why he steals with Liesel because he likes her and also he very hungry because at home he dosen’t get a lot of food. I don”t really know why he did t win the race i think because he wanted to let the other kids win for once.

on stealing

One of the times she stole was when it was Hitlers birthday she stole this book about a jew and someone saw her and it was the mayors wife she got lucky it wasn’t anyone else. Other whys they would have told on her and she could have been taken away like they did to her mom.




Are books dangerous?

sometimes they can be but most of the time there actually really helpful in some books you can learn new stuff and find out cool stuff about the past or present.most of the times books are very informative and can help you a lot. Nazis were worried because they dont know whats in each book and they dont want anyone thinking bad about them so they are trying not to let anyone know what they are really trying to do.

The Book Thief So Far

I’ve been liking it so far its a really good book and i really like.i love when the  narrator reads it tho it just makes it that much better. I like how they tell you what happens at the being and then they start explaining it as you keep on reading.I like it better when the guy reads it because i feel like he makes it sound fun and when i read it i just sound boring

The Wildness of Stories

I agree with the monster because when i was little my mom would tell me story’s like if i didn’t go to bed a monster would come for me.In the story the little boy talks about how monsters aren’t real and in the story the boy also doesn’t believe in them. The monster says that they are and hes going to show the little boy that they are and make him be afraid of him and the rest of the monsters out there.


yes i agree most of the times in movies there are usely about how there dad abandoned them and then a couple years later they come back and wanna be in ther lifes. It also happens in books i haven’t read a book like that but i will and i want to i find it very interesting that most movie have it like that but its pretty sad. Some of my friends dont have dads and only have there moms and its hard not having a dad to be there and only having only your mom.


“There Is not Always a Good Guy” – The First Tale

the monster is saying that there isn’t always gonna be a good guy or bad guy but in between because  it gonna be like that sometimes and there always going to be someone bad that ends up wining . it sucks booty i know but you just gotta deal with it. Also when i was little i would hate seeing stories and then they never finish like yeah the good guys are happy but what happen to the bad guy its annoying.

How to judge a book by its cover

Well what i do in order to find a great book is i look at the cover then i see if the cover looks god then i read the summery on  the back and if i dont like it i put it back. I mainly read romance i like that genre because i love to watch movie like that to but if i read books like that then it will be more likely that i would finish it. usaly look on the back and read the summery but if i dont then ill just look at the cover. If it  look interesting then i would get it.

He was without imagination

I think because people need imagination to be happy and the fact that he might not be as happy as the normal person thats why the anther said that. i very much agree with the anther because in the story he just seemed so sad and lonely. because he may not want to be happy or have fun all he is worrying about is the logs and getting them. well it would effect a lot because here it is very snowy and turns night pretty fast so you would be pretty sad and miserable.He is saying that imagination in portant in life.