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I am sorry about posting this so late I couldn’t figure out how to post things until I posted my 3 stories last week and just remembered about these ones for this week. So because I couldn’t figure it out I just wrote it down on a notepad for my laptop until I could figure this out. Then was looking out for everything I might’ve missed and found this assignment in the mists of the other ones I forgot about. Online school work has been fairly challenging for me but now I have A’s and everything is okay. So lets get started with those journal blogs then.

1.) Today I am just finishing up some homework and trying to get used to this whole online school thing. You would think this blog would be easy to set up but for some reason I am having some difficulty in setting it all up and putting it together. So I am just gonna do what I know how to do. I am gonna type it all and save it on a notes sheet on my laptop until I have to figure it out. Now I know, I know. Turning it in last minute is gonna hurt me more than it helps me. But here I am and I guess I am gonna do it. We will see how it turns out for me. For now I like sitting at home in my Pj’s for school. It’s only two weeks right? (Hopefully) Okay until the next B-day now!

2.) Today I am Finishing up more homework and I didn’t think it would take so long for everyday that I am going through this. It is taking like 6 hours to complete all of my assignments. I thought without school it might be better cause I am going at my own pace. Weill turns out my own pace is very hard and long suffering. I will sit around all day thinking “I don’t wanna do this” and end up waiting until like 12am to do them haha. No sleep is bound to help me, right? (Sarcasm) Anyhow that is me for today. until the next B-day now!

3.) Today I am starting to get into the swing of things! I am finally starting to just sit and finish my homework with less issues. I just turn on some music and take it all down within 5 ish hours. Hopefully I can make it so it goes down to like 4 or even 3 after these weeks are done. Although I hear it is most likely gonna be more than 2 weeks in quarantine. Boo to that. I wanted to play the game of life in government in person and have lots more fun. but online school as you could figure it out makes school easier and tests for school easier as well. Even though I am confident I would’ve passed the tests anyways at the school. Not to toot my own horn but I am fairly smart when I put my mind to things. Anyhow, until the next B-day!

4.) Today I am kinda getting more sad. I broke my laptop hinge and have to wait for my boyfriend to get tested to see him again. But it’s okay, I finished my homework on my drawing tablets screen with a keyboard and mouse I have. So now I have a more comfortable way to finish homework on the daily. I am doing great in my online classes and learning lots but I have still yet to figure out how to finish my art i was making for the school about an anti drug commercial. (The computer drawing software) which is unfortunate because it would be so much easier on my drawing tablet in my opinion. But we will see if I can figure it out before the term ends. Hopefully it doesn’t cost me money otherwise I cant do it anyways. I am dirt poor due to the virus cutting my work hours into practically half. I used to get paid $500 a paycheck now I am lucky if I make it out with $200. That is upsetting but it’s all to help other people stay safe as well as everyone I have ever met and possibly will meet. Anyhow, until the next B-day!

5.) Today I am happier than yesterday considering I can’t break my laptop anymore than it already is broken. i was gonna save up for a new one but that would take forever considering my bills I pay are almost 200 by themselves and would only have like $3 a paycheck to give towards that. But hey, everything is okay I can get a new laptop for next year when everything hopefully reopens. Please let this whole virus thing be over by then!! Well other than that homework is done for now after I finish this next sentence. Thanks for reading, and I will write for ya on the next next B-Day!

6.) Today I am Taking some time to think for myself for once. I am trying to exercise and get my sisters toys out of my room cause she moved rooms a bit ago. So that means I can move things around and organize everything in here how I want it to be. I wanted to have my room be clean for forever now but my parents said I couldn’t put her stuff away for her. So I shoved it in a tote for now and told her it was in there so nothing got ruined. (I have been waiting for her to do it on her own for 2 months now of having my own room.) now it is her problem and I won’t get into trouble for wanting a clean workspace for the rest of the time I live here. I am gonna need it for Mtech in 12th grade. A clean space makes for a clean head in my opinion. Also less stress knowing you are coming home to your safe place. My room is my safe place anyways. nobody to bother me too badly and they only come when they have a question for me or something. Anyhow, until the next B-day!

7.) Today I am starting to miss my contact with the outside world. I know it is gonna take a lot longer but I can’t help but want to go outside when they tell me I can’t. I am a teenager after all. I have been caring more for what I put into my body and I feel a lot better! But I do talk to myself I lot because I have nobody else to really talk to. So my dad when he comes home for the weekend thinks I am going crazy and had my mom ask me what was wrong. I said nothing and so my mom just said to him, “The kids have been in a social learning system for all of their learning besides preschool. So obviously they are probably gonna do those types of things if they have nobody to talk to. I am sure she is okay.” Which I am, but I am becoming more friendly to myself and my looks. And so I have been talking to myself out loud sometimes kinda loudly. Myself listens to my issues and understands. So I do that instead of putting my issues on some other people. That is all for now. Until the next B-day.

8.) Today I am ready for action! I feel like going outside for a little walk so let me take a pause to do that real quick with my dog. (Obviously with a mask and 6 feet apart from others.) Alrighty that was actually pretty nice and so now I have less excitement and now I can do my homework and sit for longer to do it. And wow was it nice to breathe some fresh air other than in my house all day. I might go and do that more when I feel like it. Anyhow I wish this year would end. Don’t get me wrong I love school! But it would be far better if it were in person and would get me away from my family for a little bit. Looks like we aren’t going back to school this year anyways so on the 18th I am officially a Senior in high school! How exciting! I am so super ready for all of this to be over and to get a good Senior year in. Please please let this be over by then. I like being home and all, but I want a good last year of high school before I do one last year of school in college. I am excited to become a dental assistant already! Anyhow that is all for today. Until next B-day!

9.) Today I am getting so sick of being cooped up inside. One of these weekends my boyfriend and I are gonna go camping and four wheeling together though so that is good. I am excited to go four wheeling with him and my family. But hey, who wouldn’t be after being locked inside for this long? I am ready for summer but also dreading it. This is because online school gave me something to do. Also this years summer is gonna feel 2 times as long because it will be! But at least my last summer as a child can be turned into a good story for some person someday no matter what age they are. Most likely a child though haha. Let  bust through the rest of this year people! Lets get through summer together by spending it apart long enough that we can hopefully see our friends by the end of it! Until next B-day.

10.) Today I am sunburnt so super bad because of this past weekend outside 4 wheeling with my family and boyfriend. it hurts to move and I have to go to work like this. Hopefully the Aloe Vera and vinegar helps me to get over this very soon. I have decided to add onto this later that same night. My dad popped my back and I feel a lot better even though the sunburns are still there. SO thanks to him for doing that before he had to drive 5 hours to work that day. (He works in Idaho.) And oh my gosh I know nobody cares but there is a fly on my screen and I wanna kill it so bad but don’t wanna accidentally delete my data cause of this screen being a touch screen. Anyhow that is all for today then and all for my homework. Until the next B-day!

11.)  Today I am feeling a little bit more or less sane. This journal definitely helps with the loneliness. Because everyone I know is busy or stressed because of school. My parents are never home they are usually at work or sleeping or in Idaho. And my siblings are busy playing a game or doing homework so they don’t talk to me very much. And most of my friends are busy with their online work. Sadly my best friend right now is me. but I love me! So that’s okay! My boyfriend and one of my friends text me once a day to check in on me then go do something else they need to do in life. Or I am at work and that isn’t real talk. It is like, “Hey they are missing a large fry. Go get it for me please?” That isn’t talk for a healthy mind. So I talk to someone else and myself a lot everyday. My mom says hi before she goes to bed though sometimes I guess. Other than that it is feeling great to do school in Pjs all the time LOL! But I am still excited to be done with this year though. But hey! With this last assignment of the day I am a day closer! So thanks for the distraction and it is until the next B-day now!

12.)  Today I am getting so excited for the end of school that i am counting down the days weeks and months of it. Isn’t that great? I am almost done with 11th and 12th grade serious classes. No more English, Math, Science, History, PE anything! Only Mtech dental as siting for next year. I am so super exited to almost be finally done with this. Hopefully we can go back to school after summer is over and everything will go back to normal for my last year in school. (Maybe besides one year of college to become a dental hygienist.) I know nobody else cares, but I care. I am also excited to clean up my room and other things in my life and be well balanced at the start of next year. Boy will I be glad to see that school! Not only that but graduate. I have dreamed of graduation and walking across the platform ever since I was a little girl. So we will see what happens by then and I really wanna graduate with my friends all together as well as the rest of my grade level and have my family see me finally finish up on a major goal of mine in life! Anyhow that is all for today then. Until the next B-day!

13.)  Today I am just getting ready for mothers day since it is getting loose to that tine of year. We are gonna go to olive garden and eat somehow with their more sanitary rules they have made and I guess eat separate so we are gonna see how that works out for us. but hey! Maybe it will be fun for us. So that is great for us, right? I am just gonna be gals to go somewhere other than the living room upstairs, my room, and work. And the school is turning in books on the 20th and I never thought I would be so excited to get rid of a book and to go to the school. Excited for summer and the year ahead of me and so it is Until the next B-day now then!

14.) Today I am barely making it through the day. because of my end of term tests and homework I have been up for the last 4 night without sleep. So I am gonna have to take a nap before writing the rest of this. I am so tired I am dizzy and might actually start hallucinating soon. Okay I am back with a little bit more rest and I believe like 2 hours later. I am gonna be so happy to be done with 11th grade. Honestly. All of my 11th grade classes that are serious are all done for now and I am just quickly finishing up all of my classes. It will probably take another couple days if any teachers post a test near the last day of school. So fingers crossed they don’t and I keep my beautiful grades. Don’t want another Math incident. Story time for that is that the Math teacher commented on an assignment I did and said goo d job for 100% and finishing it early! Then gave me an F. I couldn’t get a hold of him so I texted my counselor for help and have my A back. Nothing like that. Please no.I don’t need that fro myself. i would go crazy if I failed a class as I have never actually failed a class ever. Anyways I will end it here for the day and until the next B-day!

15.) Today I am In love with a song I found! It makes me feel so happy on the inside when the whistles in the song come up. It makes me feel like dancing. Which is another song loll. Gotta love Leo Sayer. But today my favorite song to listen to is “Chord Over street, deepend- hold on (Remix)” Catchy to me at least. At least I can find some joy in my life through these hard times. I am so nervous for the end of this year like I always am. I am always fso worried for my grades that I checkup every day for a week even after school ends. That is how I stay mentally sane through it all. I even make a checklist for it. So I am happy to get rid of that stress even if it is just for a summer forced inside. I also wanna learn to Rollerblade. Isn’t that cool? I think it is! Anyhow that is all for today. Until the next B-day! <3

16.) Today I am feeling so tired of this school year! Please just end it soon so I am not so stressed out! PLEASE!! I am also going insane in lock down and need to start talking to others before I actually loose my social abilities and go crazy for the summer. I gotta have something to do for this summer. I am gonna be so happy once this year is over that I might actually cry when I turn in my last assignment. I am absoloutley serious about that. So excited to just be a Senior already. There isn’t much to write about since I have been inside too much. I guess I got a pet Lizard named Lenny The Lizard to keep me company and feel happy and less stressed out and filled with anxiety. Just seeing that it is 5pm is making me wanna hyperventilate in case if any more teachers post anything. I just gotta remember to breathe slow and be sure I do everything write and pass my classes. Hopefully I am not worrying anybody but I am just really stressed out for now! I might cry. But I cant take a break and calm down until I finish everything for today. So lets end this here so I can calm down please! Thank you! Until the next B-day! <3

17.) Today I am almost done with every Senior class and just about ready for the non serious year next year! I am so happy I got a good 12th grade teacher. As you are over half of my teachers for 12th grade. I wont miss the other classes but will miss my time at the schoolwork with you in your classes. I don’t mean to mooch up or anything but I am serious when I say thank you for being my teacher. You let me participate when I emotionally could and didn’t give me a hard time if I didn’t It helped me open up a lot more especially with your journalism class where I was able to express to everyone in the school my opinion ion things in my own personal words. Until the next B-day now then!!

18.) Today I am feeling so happy. I have opened my heart a lot more and been able to let loose and show my real smile. I am so happy for Senior year to be here and hope that I feel as happy as i do now as I would if I stay open in my future. I did break my charger today but I can quickly go buy one in couple of days. I will live without my phone lol. I am much more excited to finally be done with school work and immediately feel so much pressure be lifted off of my shoulders. So happy I had the people I did this year around me and still around me for next year. I am happy the other Seniors graduated cause that means almost all of my exes will be gone for next year. So I can have a stress free year with no rumors or anything spreading around. I am thankful for that. But I am also happy for my exes and older Senior friends to graduate! I am SOOOO proud of them! Gosh I might actually start crying. I am just so happy for them. I don’t care what anyone has done bad to me. I still love them deep in my heart. Until next B-day now then.

19.) Today  I am I went to work the other day and hated it so super much but today I am learning sandwiches and wont have to talk to customers. Don’t get me wrong but I don’t like being social with too many people. It sucks the positive energy right out of me. Especially because our customers come to us expecting all good things especially after a hard day where they work. not only that but with screaming kids in the back that give everyone they are around a heavy headache cause they don;’t discipline their kids right in my opinion. But hey, to each their own in parenting. It is so hard to be a parent and I know that and try to give them extra love in the drive through like a free frosty for the adults or something if my boss lets me. Until next B-day now then.

20.) Today I am not happy with my dog. I know he is just a baby but he keeps using the bathroom in his bed! He knows he is supposed to go outside but I can never catch  him fast enough to take him out for a walk. Makes me mad but I just wash his feet and coat and let him out for a walk to the park. And he enjoys it. I love him so much, but it would be a plus side if he could hold the potty for at least a little bit longer. Anyhow I don’t really know what to write about for today. I am just finally almost done with all of my finals and stuff and getting closer to the deadline date that I have awaited for all year long. How exciting, right? Thanks for reading all of this if you did by the way. It must be a pain in the arse for ya. Anyways I am glad to finish up homework for today with this. And until next B-day!

21.) Today I am feeling completed. All I have are these journalism entries and I moved my room around so I can deep clean it out and feel no stress for a full 3 and almost a half months. Ugh that is gonna feel so good when I finally get there dude. I had to move my bunk bed all by myself but painted things for my wall so I could wake up and look at the great talent I have as an artist! My mental health and stress is starting to go away as well as some of the physical pain i have endured through this virus lock down break thingy. It was a break but didn’t feel like a break dude. it has been so hard to stay motivated for these last couple of days. i am forcing myself to type this out today and just saying that I am almost done and to do it  to get full credit and pass with straight A’s. It is hard hard work, but it will pay off so good in my future. Until the next B-day!

22.) Today I am feeling startled. I had a horrible dream about different things in my life and I woke up in a startle. I want summer pretty please! That dream has scared me and made me think everything in my life that has been going good was going bad and I wanted to cry so hard in it. So I woke up and watched some Hulu and looked at my grades and stuff to show to myself that it was just a dream and everything is gonna be okay. And a side note my gauges hurt because I have been stretching them up to be done with my body modifications by 12th grade. I am very excited as you can tell in all of these writings so far to finally be done with high school and to move out of my parents house. And with this paragraph for today I am just a step closer. So thank you. Until next B-day!

23.) Today I am feeling like giving up. I am so close to the end of the year that I can just taste it and have nothing to write about besides my un-motivation. My friend luckily is helping em through this and saying, “Hey! You can do this! Your dreams ever since a little girl are almost here. And this last writing is standing in the way of you and your dream. So destroy that writing! You can do it!!” And I thank her for that because I am almost halfway done with writing it! So big thanks to  her for this! Cause I am so tired of feeling trapped in 11th grade lol. I am gonna miss my teachers, but mostly Hickens. She has been amazing and is what I am gonna write about tomorrow it being the last day and everything. And so until the next and last B-day!

24.) Today I am having so many asthma attacks and freaking out about the deadline today! I am so super happy I figured out this blog thing. All I had was this thing fir journalism so that is good for me. I am so glad that 11th grade is over. If you are reading this Hickens, I will miss you as a teacher. You were so awesome to spend 2 classes with each day and be able to be around for your humor and amazing personality. Thanks for setting up these blogs so I stayed mentally sane other than just talking to myself. Hopefully life is good with the baby, and everything else you plan on doing. I am so happy for you! Miss ya and thanks for being the awesome teacher you are! Obviously this is the last thing I am gonna do for your class. So The End for real this time! As you have seen I wrote the end on everything? Well this time it is actually true. Thanks for making government easy for me and my 12th grade writing class. Again, thank you so super much. <3

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