Article of 3 of my friends lives in self isolation

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This is a little ditty on how my friends feel about this whole virus and how they are coping with it as well as how they feel about online school. We are of  course at our house doing this in 2020. Why is because it is an assignment I have to do and they are here to help me through it. How are their opinions.That’s how. So let’s get started now.

We are first gonna start with my friend named Jayla. I have no friends in the Journalism class so I am using my own friends for this thing. She is more excited to get a degree to start her new job soon as an adult.


This information was presented by a Zoom chat with friends and past experience.

“I am excited to become a senior and to graduate. I wanna become a zoologist when I get older and I just wanna start up in that school already. But I am also stressed out to move out of my parents house and live alone. I hope I can make enough money to live paycheck to paycheck until I graduate in college and become a zoologist.”


The next friend that has some input for this and thanks to her is my friend named Camille. She is such a big help with my emotional distress and she is just living in the now. More about that in her quote though. I won’t spoil all of it for you.


This information was presented by a Zoom chat with friends and past experience.

“I want senior year to last as long as possible before I go into college. Enjoy that last year as a legal kid ya know? I am not gonna move out of my parents house until I am done with college. I am gonna be some sort of a professional horse rider/ doctor type stuff. I am excited for that, even though it sounds dumb that that’s what I wanna be when I get older. But I am just excited for the quarantine to be over so that I can see all of my friends again.”


And my last friend is named Emily. Big thanks to her as well for helping with this essay on how we feel  about all of this. She feels like she likes being in her pj’s and something else you will have to read in her quote if you wanna know about it.


This information was presented by a Zoom chat with friends and past experience.

“I am finishing up on this year’s school and trying to learn new things to make myself distracted and have time pass by. I am really excited for it personally if i am being honest. But for now the virus has made me lots more patient and have a newfound love for school in person because it is horrible online. I hated it! The only part I don’t hate was being in my Pj’s 24-7.”


Well after this year we will be seniors. So we are pretty darned excited for that ya know? Isn’t that great? We are finally there after all of these years and we plan on the self isolation being done before that year. Lets hope! <3

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