My opinion on self isolation

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My opinion you ask? On what? Self isolation? Well aren’t you in for a treat random innocent reader that clicked on this. You’re gonna know a lot about my opinion and what I am doing. Anyways let’s start this thing shall we?

I am coping by talking to myself a lot. I know it sounds sad but talking to myself about my stress makes me feel heard and not judged. Not only that but it makes my daily tasks go by quicker to have conversations with myself in my head. I am deep cleaning my room but first I am finishing 11th grade year and then going into deep cleaning and learning to do some skateboarding and roller skating as well.

I am mostly just staying busy and spending my day alone if I have to or spending it with my family if I want to. I am learning to cook as well and starting to exercise everyday after I finish deep cleaning my room and getting rid of some stuff. I am a busy body when I want time to pass by and to cope with things. I also talk to some friends and my current boyfriend and that helps me as well.

Challenges have been as follows. I had a tooth pulled cause my wisdom teeth fractured the one and getting a retainer with a fake tooth in it. Ouch! I also have been having some issues on my knee with a embarrassing cut of some sort that is almost healed. I want to be with my friends but I can’t and I got a sunburn from 4 wheeling that was so bad that it hurt to move for a week. Just painful owwy stuff like that have come up as well as stress and my normal anxiety for the end of the term. I take my straight A’s seriously and dear to my heart.

Honestly it feels weird to be apart of history. I thought I wouldn’t have a crazy story to tell my future kids or something like that and I actually have one now! Isn’t that exciting? Maybe it is just me. But I am happy to be the most interesting aunt or mom when I am old enough for it. Can be like parents walking through BFE to get to school but reversed and flipped like a pancake haha.

I of course am worried about them getting the virus. But I am keeping track of them so that they stay safe through this hard time and text them every now and again for mental sanity and help ya know?

Stuff like this shows people’s true personalities. So you know who is a keeper and who you should toss to the curb. About myself would be my patience and resilience. I can handle even the most random things life throws at me and still have straight A’s! I am so proud of myself and I am excited to be a senior already! Also I want this to be over cause I like real school better than this. It really does suck at times.

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